24 hours. And it's a bust.

11/19/2010 10:28:00 AM
So, I was talking with a friend the other day and she mentioned that she'd comment more if the word verification wasn't activated on this here blog. (She reads on an iPad and it's not allowing her to comment.)

Anywho, I turned off word verification for a little less than 24 hours and am already up to six spam comments.

I just turned it back on again.

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone! I'd love more comments but it looks like the word verification is going to have to remain. :(



  1. boo hiss! i have mine turned off (on the old posts that don't have intense debate) and never get ANY. luck of the draw?

    (also, knock on wood)

  2. how about just straight up comment moderation? Too much?

  3. You can't read that comment? That was clearly from my Eastern European self.


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