Ugh. Gretchen won. Wah-who.

10/31/2010 08:38:00 PM
It's no secret, I wasn't a huge fan of Gretchen.

I did however, feel that her clothes WHILE ON THE SHOW were wearable. Her styling was awful (those constant thigh-high boots?!), her attitude was remarkably nasty and she is what I would consider an overall malcontent.

Her runway show, for me, was BLECH. I hated her prints. I wasn't in love with her actual designs. Blah.

Did I want Mondo to win? Yeah, I sort of did. Why? Because he had a few garments throughout the season that I adored and I didn't hate his runway show. I love mixing prints and I think Mondo does it well.  I do believe, however, that he does have the tendency to make younger clothes and that is something he needs to be cautious of.

Did I even remotely care about Andy's clothes? No. I really enjoyed the lime green color that he integrated into his show... but I felt as if his clothes were incredibly repetitive. The head gear/decor? Well, to be honest that didn't really bother me. His clothes just didn't do much for me. Boring.

So yeah, Gretchen won.


What did you think?



  1. I can't stand Gretchen as a person or a designer. I just thought her stuff was boring and one-dimensional. I like Mondo and thought his stuff was interesting. I wouldn't wear any of it, but I wanted to see what he was going to make next. I kinda liked a few of Andy's things. There was a flowy top with two layers at the bottom that I liked. The one with three layers at the bottom was cool, but I'd never wear it. And I thought the shirt he kinda weaved at the bottom was interesting. (Kind of all one tune, though.)

  2. The last show was all ruined for me since someone on FB posted who won and I hated Gretchen for most of the season. I didn't know that the contest was for who had the most department store ready line, and that is how they seemed to pick it. I also thought it was really interesting that Nina and Michael hated Mondo's polka dot dress and said nobody would wear it and Heidi and Jessica both said they wanted to wear the dress. If Heidi wants to wear it there are probably lots of people who would wear it just because Heidi did. I think Mondo had the best fashion and they didn't pick according to that, more what they could sell at Kohls tomorrow.

  3. Ok, so what ticked me off was this: During the challenges, Nina and Michael ALWAYS say "That's too ready-to-wear. This is a runway, not stuff being made for a department store. We want to be entertained with the next up and coming thing." THEN in the final decision they go with Gretchen because "hers are more ready-to-wear. Its sellable and wearable. No one will wear Mondo's stuff. Gretchen knows what is in NOW." WHAAAAT?! What about the up and coming stuff they so frequently mention is important.

    Mondo's was much more entertaining, artistic and inventive. Gretchen you could pick up in any store in New Mexico. Although who the heck wants to wear a shirt that is open in the back, and with the gust of one wind, will fly open in the front too?

    Andy's was pretty, but like you said, just all the same and blah.

    I cannot believe Gretchen won!!! That is just wrong. I honestly have never been so mad at the outcome of a show. And yes, I LOVE Mondo's mixmatched, colorful stuff. Love it.

  4. Gretchen rubbed me the wrong way on day 1. Mondo shoulda won. Nuff said.

  5. Ok, I second ALL of these comments.

    grrrrr. Jenn not happy with results.

    Gretchen was horrible. I am NOT a fan of her clothes at all and the colors/patterns were so boring and monotone.

    Mondo was SO unique and different and so what if people would not wear the entire outfit AS Heidi said people would wear the pieces of many of his clothes.

    It made NO sense at all. No idea why she one. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

  6. I agree with the comments about the judges being inconsistent with their criticisms/praises. That annoyed me as well. So did Gretchen. Some of that may have been due to editing, but regardless... she is a not a nice person and her runway show was gross. Boo, PR.


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