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10/05/2010 04:08:00 AM

It's true, my much-awaited birthday gift has made it's way down the Baja and into my loving hands.

My sweet friend G. picked it up for me in San Diego and it was sitting on my desk waiting for me last Monday. (Thank you, again!)

I wanted to use it for about a week so that I can give you my insider's opinion. (Yep, seven days and I'

First, meet Kimber the Kindle. (I name everything. My car's name is Lola.) She's the 3G with Wi-fi version. (See here.)

Let me preface this whole review by saying: I LOVE LIBRARIES. I still have my Toledo Lucas County Public Library card number memorized that I've had since 1921... (You know, just in case I forgot my card.) I am a huge believer in borrowing books, then returning them, then borrowing more. As a child I spent far more time in the Point Place library than necessary. There is something about INK and printing and PAPER that I love. It makes me feel settled. And there's something about all of THOSE BOOKS that fills my soul with possibility. (Yep. I LOVE LIBRARIES. And I also think that librarians get a very unfortunate reputation. Nearly all that I've known have been lovely, informative and helpful.)

My happy place is when I'm tucked cozy in bed with a great book. I love opening the book and making it my own. Creasing it just so, scanning down the copyright page (yep, I do that), reading the acknowledgments, the introduction, the chapter list, the dedication... then beginning the journey. And the entire time I relish the book smell.


Here's why I wanted a kindle.

Unfortunately I live in a part of North America that doesn't have a new English-language book store for kilometers. Or a library. My reading has been dependent on what I bring down from the U.S. of A. or what I can borrow from friends and family. The idea that I could quick-flash-bam! order a book online and it would show up within seconds on Kimber was far too appealing for me.

I was wary.

REALLY wary.

But my cousin R. convinced me.

Q. Do I like the kindle?
YES. Here's why.
  •  It's so light. It's not cumbersome at all.
  • The screen, amazingly, doesn't hurt my eyes like my blackberry/laptop does after extended periods of time. In fact, it sort of quizzically doesn't even look like it's on WHEN it's on. 
  • I like that when lying down in bed, I can prop it up against a pillow and the pages don't keep fluttering and closing. Nope, I just press the "next page" button and wah-la. I'm comfortable. It's all good.
  • I love the light that's within the cover. (See photo below.) It's just enough light. And, it lights the entire screen. (It's powered by the kindle's battery so there are no weird cumbersome watch-like batteries involved.)
  • I bought the 3G wi-fi one and I'm not kidding you, I buy a book online (ON Kimber) and within 10 seconds it's on my kindle.
  • I turn the wi-fi off when I'm just reading and my battery is at the half-way point and I've been reading Kimber since last Monday night.
  • I just got finished reading, Tim Gunn's Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work and I really liked the dictionary feature. (Tim's vocab is semi-daunting and muy impressive, no?) Didn't know what that word meant? BAM! Looked it up.
  • I can still underline! I love that.
  • The kindle works *perfectly* in the sun. I sat outside in the middle of the day to test it and it worked perfectly. I could see the text just fine. My only issue? My hands got sweaty. (Ew. But come on, it's 95 degrees still.)
Q. Would I make any changes to the Kindle?
Thus far, no. It's not as intuitive as an iPhone, but that's kind of what I like. There is an experimental web browser included that you can use for free, but I have no desire to. I like that it serves one purpose for me: it's for reading. (I'm not a big, "watch-a-movie-on-your-phone" kind of person.) I'm tired of multi-tasking. I just want to read.

At this point, you can flip the pages forward (or backward) from either side of the kindle. I'd like to be able to "lock" the side that I'm not apt to use so that I don't accidentally move pages forward. (But is that really a big deal? Um. No.) 

And, I'd like some sort of water-proof, food-proof cover for Kimber. I mean, really? Who doesn't eat chocolate-chip cookies while reading? 

Not having "page numbers" by which to gauge my progress wigged me out at first, but now I find that I really love the "percentage" that shows up on the bottom of the screen. I like to end on an even number. I can go to sleep when I'm 48% finished with this book. Or, when I'm 50%. NOT when I'm 51%. 

Q. Would I recommend the kindle to others?
A. [I'm waiting for lightening to strike me as I type this.] YES. If you can't get to a library regularly, I'd absolutely recommend the Kindle. It's so convenient and right now my life is craving all things simple. I love that it's just ONE item. Going on vacation and normally take 4 books? No more of that. TAKE your kindle.

 So here's the cover. It's orange.

This is the handy-dandy light that is hidden in the top right-hand corner of the book.
(That is our ugly granite counter top. Blech.)

I'd say she's a BIT less tall than a box of the very delicious "Thick'n Creamy" Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

And, with the cover, she's just a titch thicker than my blackberry bold.
(A "titch" is actually a technical measurement term. FYI. 
As is the adage, "Knee-high to a grasshopper". You're welcome.)

It appears that I like orange things.

All in all, I'd buy it again.
I sort of love it.



  1. Love mine too! Now, I want a cover with a light.

  2. based on your title in my blog roll, i thought of course that you had ANOTHER niece. well, that Kimber sounds like a lovely gift and i support your love of orange (and do not dislike your countertops as much as you do). YAY for your Kindle!!

  3. Congrats! I borrow mi padre's kindle on long trips. I do enjoy it.

    Also, love the name Kimber. I named my dog, a lhaso/shih-tzu mix, Kimber..although she's named after the gun manufacturer. =)

  4. I forgot your car's name was Lola. Glad I didn't name my daughter after your car. And why is that all I took from that entire blog?

  5. I love my Nook! The only reason I went with the Nook versus the Kindle was that I can borrow books from the LIBRARY with my Nook--Kindle has not caught up with that feature just yet, but I'm sure they will.

    Enjoy--it's such a wonderful invention, but I still do walk by my bookshelve and caress my books everyonce in a while so they don't think I have abandoned them totally.

  6. Congratulations! I'm so happy you like it.

    I, too, LOVE books, LOVE the Library, and LOVE snuggling up with a good book.

    There is one thing I have yet to figure out about the Kindle. . . maybe you can help. . . page numbers. I just don't get it. I don't know how to tell where I am. I don't really understand the numbers at the bottom of the page.

    Can you help?

  7. I LOVE that you love your Kimber! :) (And I love that you name everything.)

    I'm so glad it's living up your expectations! And that you finally have a way to get to books down in Meh-hee-coh. I know you miss the feel of a book, and I can't blame you, but... Kimber looks pretty sweet. LOVE the orange.

    Yay for the Kindle! I may just have to get me one yet.

  8. I agree with your suggestion about a waterproof cover. I was thinking that this summer when I was reading mine by the pool on vacation. I would really like to be able to read IN the pool (or bathtub) without the fear of dropping my Kindle in the water.

  9. I have been waiting for your review!

    It's official: I'm asking Santa for a Kindle. I use the Amazon app or my Itouch and it makes me sleeeeeepy because of the back-lit screen. (I read in bed)

    I love your orange cover!

  10. you still haven't eaten the Mac & Cheese? It would never be able to live in my pantry that long without being eaten :)

  11. YAY!! How the orange case.

    P.S. Besides getting use to Tim's vocab, how was his book?! I kinda want to read it. And by read it, I mean buy it and skim through it until I get bored :)

  12. I have a Kindle, too and really love it. One thing that I've figured out is how to borrow books. I have two sisters with a Kindle. Anyone who trusts you can give you their Amazon username and password. You can deregister it from your name, register it in their name, download the books you want, then deregister it again, and reregister it in your name. The books you downloaded from your friends account will still be there.

    My biggest dislike is not being able to turn it over and read the book summary. Sometimes I purchase a few books at a time and not remember what they are about by the time I get around to reading them. I would love a way to read the summary to get my bearings. I also never realized how often I flip to the back page of a real book to see the author info. I sort of miss that, too.


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