10/18/2010 01:00:00 PM

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NOTE: REALLY? Really? It's 99 degrees? I'll have you know that this is an accurate temperature, too. It just so happens that when I got in my car it was only 91 degrees and as I continued to drive the temperature continued to increase. Normally, it decreases.

I just think nearly 100 degrees in OCTOBER when you're six months pregnant and 20 lbs. heavier is absurd.

Hear that? ABSURD.


  1. Athena is having a hard time keeping up with the nudity in these parts. She'd welcome the heat of Cabo.

  2. BOO. I am sorry, that sucks.

    I do not envy that at all. I am very fond of our cool weather right now. Give me another month or two and I will be envious of the warmer temps down there, but not now.


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