Produce Report: 24 weeks

SIX months. I am SIX MONTHS pregnant. (Holy cow.) According to, my baby is the size of 2 mangoes. I'm going to maintain that she's as large as bowling ball.

Let's get on with it, shall we?

Q. How's the baby?!
A. She is wonderful. We had a fantastic doctor's visit last week and I'm healthy. She's healthy. The world is good.

Q. How big is she?
A. She is approximately 9 inches from crown-to rump (love that term) and weighs approximately 1 lb. (Which doesn't really explain the other 19 lbs I've gained... Hmmm...)

Q. Do I have an ultrasound picture or two to share?
A. Absolutely! With Lila, my doctor claimed that she was going to come out looking just like her Daddy. And, he was absolutely right. With Baby Girl 2011 he said, "I'm sorry, Kylee. But I think she's going to look just like Craig, too."

I'm cool with that.

Here's her feet.

And her face (on the left) and her hands on the right.
(Cute, right?)

(Baby Girl 2011 had the hiccups when we were looking at her and it was pretty much PRECIOUS to see. Her whole little peanut body moved with each hiccup.)

Q. Am I ready to share her name?


It is "Nutella."

We've decided to name her Nutella after the two heaping tablespoons of the delicious hazelnut/cocoa "spread" that I eat per day.

Q. How am I doing... physically?
A. You know, I'm doing alright. I had a minor breakdown this week because I had what has become my standard, "My-body-is-out-of-control-and-it-does-not-belong-to-me" pregnancy breakdown.

Disclaimer: Don't for one moment ever doubt how thankful I am for this pregnancy. (And for Lila's.) However, don't for one moment ever believe that pregnant women are completely cool with the body changes that occur throughout this whole process.

Back to the topic at hand: body changes.

It's one thing to have indigestion every time you eat, or to have lower back pain more often than not, or to have swollen fingers that resemble breakfast sausage links, or to not fit into ANY of your clothes. (Including "under" things.) It's quite another to look in the mirror or get on the scale and realize that your body is ballooning at such a rapid rate... and that you have virtually no control over the whole process.

My face... is bigger.
My feet and fingers... are swollen.
I'm just bigger.

(Yep, I know. I'm growing a baby.)

I know it's all part of the game. It's part of the process. And no matter how badly you want that baby, you can't argue against my preference to be pregnant like the ladies in the movies: they attach a big belly to their bodies and keep their thin legs and arms, their normal-sized fingers and feet and their regular, 'ole faces.

Boy oh, boy. It ain't like that in real life.

[heavy sigh]

Q. How am I doing -- emotionally?
A. It struck me today that I'm going to have another baby. In about 15 weeks. And, it shocked me. I can't believe it. I haven't yet emotionally dealt with the reality that is about to move into our home. Specifically, I need to come to terms with the fact that Lila is no longer going to be my only baby. I have a feeling that this holiday season, specifically Christmas, will be bitter, bitter sweet. Our last "Just-Lila-and-us" time.

Q. How's the weight gain coming along?
A. You know, it's ok. I've gained 20 lbs. I'll tell you what - I weigh as much as I did when I was 32 weeks pregnant. And, my belly is as big as it was when I was 32 weeks pregnant. It appears that for the first time in my life I'm an early bloomer... at least in the weight/baby belly category. :)

Q. Any cravings?
A. Believe it or not, NO! Well, I would like absolutely everything that is thousands of miles away. If it's in the States, I want it. Fortunately, I have nutella and milk here. That's all I need right now.

I believe that's about it!

More in a couple of weeks!

Here's me at 24 weeks.

♥ Ky & Nutella



  1. You look marvelous. . . you really, really do.

  2. You are beautiful!!! :)

  3. You look bee-yoo-tiful! You gorgeous pregnant woman, you. I'm so glad you have your Nutella. :)

  4. You look amazing!! So pretty and not huge at all. :-)

  5. Nutella? really??!?! i love it. i thought for a second you were just playing a joke on us, but the more it settles in the more i like it. go you! xoxoxx

  6. I love it! Nutella, really? I'm with grumbles and waited for you to say NOT, but you didn't and honestly, the more I think about it too, the more I think it's great!

    You look awesome too!

  7. Yay! Nutella can be best buds with my Jiffy :)

    Seriously, you look fabulous. And I CANNOT believe you're 6 months along already. How is it that the 2nd one goes so fast, even to outsiders?

  8. I wonder if you would get a lifetime free supply of nutella if you named your baby nutella? I bet they would be all over it!

  9. Oh friends, two things:

    1.) I was ABSOLUTELY NOT FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS with this post. REALLY. Instead, I was just trying to voice what I consider to be normal pregnancy feelings. However, thank you for all of your kind, kind words.

    2.) Our baby's name is indeed NOT "Nutella." We're just calling her that since I eat so much of it. Her name is still hidden in the secret depths of my heart and will be revealed on her birth day.

  10. I am glad to hear you and your baby girl are doing well! I can not believe you are at 6 months already...that is crazy!

    I know you are not fishing for compliments.....but you really do look amazing!

    P.S. I LOVE nutella....yours and the real stuff ;)

  11. You look great!!! Not big at all.

  12. cheater! you had me all excited about your wacky non-traditional name!! ;)

  13. Ok you seriously do not look big at all!! I know how the weight gain and balooning so early is a bit scary. I am experiencing that too. But I figure it will all come out okay in the end. And I will continue to feed me and my little one what I want.


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