Only in San Lucas.

10/26/2010 12:32:00 PM

I live in San Jose del Cabo, not Cabo San Lucas. Both cities make up what is known as, "Los Cabos." Both are found at the bottom of the Baja peninsula. (See above. Click to make larger. San Jose del Cabo is on the bottom of the peninsula in the middle. Cabo San Lucas is at the left-hand bottom-side. The two cities are approximately 20 miles (more or less) apart.)

That said, yesterday we took the MIL (mother-in-law) and the daughter (Lila) and the husband and I down to the Cabo marina to look around and go to dinner.

I am noticeably pregnant.

There's no guessing with me right now. "Is she or isn't she?" doesn't exist. It's more like, "Did she or did she not eat a whole pumpkin?" (I always think it's cute when people call their children, "punkin". So cute. Anywho. I digress.)

We're walking down the marina and one of those annoying guys who is paid to torment tourists by convincing them to eat in the restaurant he respresents says to me, "Felicidades! How many months along are you?"

I replied: "I'm not pregnant." and kept walking.


That was sort of fun to do.


Then after dinner we were walking back and a silver-jewelry-peddler offered me a hooker-like necklace and I declined. "Silver? Silver necklace?"

Me: "No." (I get sick of the vendors and sometimes refrain from saying, "No gracias.")

Him: "Weed?"

Me: I smiled.


Absolutely. It's absolutely appropriate to offer "weed" to a nearly 6.5 months pregnant woman walking with her husband, mother-in-law AND toddler.




  1. I love that you said you weren't pregnant. Nice.

  2. HAHAHAHA! That is awesome!

    But seriously, when I do not want a silver necklace it usually is because I want weed instead. It really is the next thing in my mind. So I get.

    P.S. My mom calls me punkin or sunshine. It is my nickname. Kristen's nickname - monkey butt. I totally lucked out on the better nickname!

  3. OMG! I totally just read this to the hubby because it's THAT funny. :)

    (Jen, your comment warranted a repeat to the hubsband too. LOLs!)


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