No keg stands, but apparently moderation is ok?

10/12/2010 10:30:00 AM
 (That's not me in the picture. But whomever it is, I bet her parents are proud. That is quite a legacy, right there.)

Did you see this article about drinking whilst with child?

Headline: Bottoms up, pregnant women.



For me?

I know alcohol (in moderation) will absolutely not hurt "the-baby-whose-real-name-is-not-Nutella." However, it's almost a personal quest for me. I say I'm not going to drink; so I don't. That's sort of how meatless eating was for me for about 8 years. I said I wasn't going to eat meat; so I didn't. I like to test myself in that way and prove that I can follow through with my commitments. And it helps me remember that the world doesn't revolve around Kylee and what I want. Commitment to a great cause and/or purpose, no matter what it is, is well worth it, if you ask me.

How about you? Do you booze it up while you're pregnant much to the chagrin of the March of Dimes? (Kidding.)

But seriously, what are your thoughts?



  1. It was an interesting read and there were some interesting comments. I've always been under the impression that if I'm ever fortunate enough to have a baby I won't be drinking, at all. I've had one girlfriend who had a, being 1, beer right at the very very end but she didn't even drink the whole thing.

  2. Whoa, I can't believe there is only one comment on this post so far.

    Nice photo by the way.

    I saw a billboard in Toledo today that said - "While you are pregnant, NOT A DROP."

    Having not ever have been pregnant (is that poor grammar) I guess I would say that my opinion does not hold a lot of weight. Kind of like, don't judge, because you just know KNOW.

    I have been of the opinion - why risk it? Why on earth risk it? For one glass of wine?

    I have a friend who was craving beer so she drank N/A. Not one real one, but one N/A.

    Again, I have never been pregnant, does anyone really CRAVE alcohol? At the risk of their child?

  3. OMG - shoot me - my English is rubbish.

    I think you got the point of my post though.

  4. That term "low-dose" drinking is weird. What does that mean, really? I'm sure my low-dose drinking level is different than the next person's low-dose drinking level.

    I never had one drop whilst preggo, because I came from the old school notion of never EVER drinking whilst pregnant. It didn't even cross my mind to drink, but, I'm not a drinker anyway, so maybe that's why?

    That picture is AWESOME!

  5. Interesting topic Ky - I guess my opinion comes from living in France for awhile where the majority of pregnant women had a glass of wine here and there throughout pregnancy with zero side effects. Of course it was NEVER more than one, but I guess I agree with that study - it might actually lower stress levels. I haven't gotten to enjoy being pregnant yet, but my sister-in-law and two very good friends all had children in the past year and they would all have a glass of wine or one beer here and there. I've always figured I would too. We'll that we've had all the TTC issues, I'm curious to see if my opinion will change on that, but I doubt it. Again, I'd never condone more than one drink here and there, but thanks to studies like the one you linked to and just the real life experience of living in a country and a culture where a drink here and there by pregnant women has always been accepted and the children are fine... well, I think that says something!

  6. i've not been pregnant and have only been around one friend who has engaged in low-dose drinking AFTER the first trimester of both of her pregnancies. the most she's ever had (at one time) is a pint-sized beer at dinner in her 3rd trimester. her kids are fine, smart even, and NO i do not consider this to be my scientific research to back up the idea that drinking is okay.

    i'm like you...when i say i'm going to do something i like to stick with it (well, aside from exercising regularly which i cannot be consistent with). i have no idea what i'll decide to do if/when i'm pregnant. i just know that it seems to be a huge social no-no to have a drink if you can balance it on your pregnant tummy and i would probably not engage in low-dose drinking in the presence of strangers.

  7. I don't drink that often nor do I crave a drink so for me I truly do not believe I will feel deprived in any way if I do not drink alcohol. Now if I have to stop coffee or cut it back...that is a different story!!

    Seriously, when the time comes when I am pregnant I will not. For ME personally it is only 9 months of giving up alcohol and it doesn't seem worth it to chance anything...even if small amounts is considered OK.

  8. I don't drink while pregnant. I know they say it won't hurt the baby, and it can be good for the mother to help relieve stress/relax...BUT, that tiny chance that something could happen...well, I'd never forgive myself. So, I don't. A drink isn't worth it to me.

  9. I do not do not do not drink while pregnant. "Experts" are just way too wishy washy with research. I can go 9 months without a drink no problem. It is just not worth the EXTREME paranoia I would feel, nor is it worth the risk no matter how miniscule.

    (I'm back on Blogger! Hollaatchaboi!)

  10. Kaylee's dad and I got married while I was pregnate with Kaylee. Everyone wanted me to drink a glass of wine as a celebration. I actually felt bad that I took a sip. That was the only drink I had while I was pregnate with her and while I was breastfeeding her.

  11. I did NOT drink (even though I craved wine) because I had an occasional glass with G, and he was tiny. However, she ended up being only slightly larger. Still wouldn't drink if I had to do it again. And, quit smoking and haven't started back up.

  12. i had maybe one drink during my entire pregnancy and i felt so guilty afterward that i didn't enjoy it. i don't think that one drink of alcohol is going to immediately damage your baby but where each individual draws the line at "moderation" and how-much-is-too-much is too blurry to put a blanket statement out there.

    we know that in the early trimesters drinking is dangerous so i didn't want to take that risk. then again, i also gave up caffeine, sweetners, and a whole host of other things i regularly eat.


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