No itching here.
Happy 7 years, husband.

10/25/2010 04:09:00 AM
Dear sweet husband-o-mine,

I remember writing you that letter the night before our wedding... remember those letters? I remember it like it was yesterday.

And remember when we exchanged those letters? You, me... in that beautiful round room at the museum, seeing one another for the first time all dressed up and fancy before the wedding. The minute I saw you, I calmed down. My heart knew it was merely going home.

I remember writing that letter and thinking, "Tomorrow he's going to be my husband." I was so excited... not for the wedding, really - but for the marriage. For the life that was about to begin.

Seven years later, I feel the same way.

When I look at you... oh, when I look at you... my heart beats faster, my eyes more often than not tear up and my brain? Well, it says: "Well done, Kylee. Well done."

I'm thankful for you.
I'm blessed for having you in my life.
The memories we've made over the past 13 years could fill the pages of a what I would consider to be a thrilling, content, uber-funny read. I think I'd name it something like, "More than ever: A love story."

I think it's true: we've grown up together.
But more importantly, I think we've grown more closely together. (Is that possible?)

If I were being completely honest and authentic, I'd say I think we sort of have something unlike anyone else. And I love it. Us. Together? It just works so well. We work so well. I love that we have so much in common; yet haven't lost ourselves. I love that I still learn new things about you.

I love you that you let me grow. You let me be. You let me be me.
I love and respect who you are.
I love how safe you make me feel.
I love how you can solve any problem. I adore your confidence.
I love seeing how you've transformed from my best friend, to my husband, to the the most amazing Daddy of our 1.5 children.
Best of all, I love how in the past 16 months, we both understand and realize how imperative it is to spend as much time and effort cultivating us as we do our daughter.

Oh and you and that daughter?
You and your Lila Ross?

Seeing your eyes light up when you see Lila's eyes light up when she sees you -- it's nearly more than I can handle.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

Happy Anniversary, my love.
It's true - perhaps today more than ever, you're still my everything.



Stroll with me down memory lane, sweet husband... I've found some pictures you may care to see...

Here we are in 2003 the day before our wedding. I won't say anything about your facial hair if you don't say anything about my blonde (!!!) hair.

And, then our honeymoon.

...and more?

(There's no one else I'd rather be in a picture like this with. I mean, wow. It's amazing what seven years will do...)

What's going on here? With my hair? 


And then, remember that first-year anniversary?  Our note to one another on the bathroom wall...

(I still feel this way.)

Our first anniversary dinner...

Just one year in...

And then today... 
(Well done on the extended-arm/SLR camera shot, husband. It ain't easy.)

I'll say it again.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

Happy Anniversary, my sweet husband.



  1. Beautiful. . . every word. . . every sentiment. . . these two people. . . absolutely beautiful.

  2. Happy Anniversary! ...and congratulations on 7 years that look so filled with love. You are blessed.

  3. You guys are awesome and will always's to a life time of happiness! Hugs to you both! Happy anniversary! :)

  4. I love the brunette so much better... Happy Anniversary!

  5. in order of occurrence, this was my reaction: tears, tears, laughter, smiling, tears.

    i love you both.

    for what it's worth, i did have a dream that i was in cabo last night where you were complaining about the lack of italian food items. you showed me your homemade marinara and steak marinade (sitting in glasses in your cupboard).

  6. Gorgeous post. You two are inspiration to us all.


    I cracked up at your commentary of your hair.

    7 years!!

    Also, I looked up what you should give each other for the 7 year anniversary and thought it was hilarious. They actually recommend Ugg Boots:

    For the seventh anniversary, traditional materials are copper and wool and the modern materials are brass and desk sets.

    With copper and brass, ideas might include jewelry and home decorations such as sculptures, furniture, or appliances.

    For wool, this might be a decorative rug or perhaps a wool blanket to cuddle under together when watching a movie. Or you could give clothing such as a warm shawl for her or a sweater for him.

    A wonderful his-and-hers idea for winter would be genuine Australian-made ugg boots, where they were invented decades ago! See our recommendation to the left.

    For a travel gift, visit places where wool is produced such as New Zealand or South America.

  7. Yep, you two were made for each other. There's no doubt about it. Everyone who knows you can see it and those who don't know you can tell. You guys are fantastic people separately and are even better together.

    Happy 7th Anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!!

    What a beautiful and sweet post. Anyone can tell, you two have something special going on.

    HUGS to you both....and so glad you got to have a special anniversary weekend.

    (Love seeing the pics!)

  9. Trophy Life's order of occurrence, totally 100% mine too.
    Wow love that you shared this with all of us!!! You two are fabulous!!! So thankful that you share!!!

  10. Love you to the moon and back a trillion times.

  11. You two truly are wonderful. Your babies are so blessed to have you as their parents.

  12. Awww, so cute! Happy 7, you crazy kids!

  13. What a BEAUTIFUL POST, amiga. Congratulations to both of you... QUE VIVA EL AMOR!

  14. what a beautiful post. happy anniversary! and i can't BELIEVE you were ever that blonde! :)

  15. (Thanks for your kind comments everyone!)


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