Mondo rocked it.

(I can't believe I just typed that title.)

But seriously? His entire outfit was 1 million times better than anyone else's on last night's episode of Project Runway. I'm serious.

I love the way he mixes patterns. Rewrite: I love the way he mixes patterns and creates GROWN-UP looks. (As opposed to his skimpier looks that resemble what you can buy in the juniors department of The Deb at Northtowne Mall.)

And, I hate to say it, but it was soooo time for cute-little-Valerie to go. She seemed to be a lovely, full-of-strong-character girl, but her designs? BLECH.

Who am I rooting for this season?
I want to see what April can do. I'd like to see her go to Fashion week. I hate saying it, but Gretchen is TALENTED. (However, she's terrible at styling. Really? Thigh-high, suede, Pretty-woman boots with every outfit?) Yep, she's driven and seemingly unlikable, but so is The Martha, right? And, I'm loving Mondo's perspective. That's my pick. Only a few shows to go...

Your thoughts?



  1. Indeed Mondo was by far the best but April's design was good too. Valerie's constant valley girl catty chit-chat was annoying but Christopher's last couple of outfits were HORRID. Someone gets thrown off the show next week and the setup makes it look like it could be Gretchen. I hope so!

  2. Due to the fact that I LOVE color and crazy colors/prints, I'm loving Mondo. I think he'll be in the final 3 for sure.

    Yep, Valerie's designs ended up not that great. But then I looked at her designs from Fashion Week (not sure why she was there.... but I saw them online) and they were amazing outfits. I'll see if I can forward the link.

    Christopher's outfit was horrible though... much worse than Val's! So I was thinking HE should've gone.

    LOVE this show. Love it.

  3. Mondo and April have been my favorites the past few weeks! I LOVE what they do and how unique they are.

    I love Mondo's style and how fun and different his clothes are. He is AMAZING at putting patterns together and he is so creative and his outfits always look FINISHED. He NEEDS to be at fashion week.

    April is young but I think has some wonderful ideas and a great style. She takes chances and I like what she does. Want her at fashion week.

    I actually felt something for Gretchen during the family episode, but I still don't like her and I don't like her clothes as a whole. I may like a piece, but not everything together. Not convinced yet.

    Valerie needed to go, she wasn't do anything the past couple weeks.

    Chris. What has he done?!?! I want to like him, but don't remember anything he does. He can leave any time. (P.S. him and his boyfriend were ADORABLE!)

    Michael C. *sigh* He is good but there is just something I don't like about him. Don't know what yet. Don't know if it is his clothes, personality, both?! Not interested in seeing him at fashion week.

    Andy. I like Andy alot even if last week he sucked. He seems to have something amazing and then something not so amazing. But he takes chances and I would LOVE to see him at fashion week and see what he comes up with.

    I think that is everyone?! This season is much better than last one! Thank goodness.


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