Lila Lunes:
15 months old.

10/04/2010 04:08:00 AM
Shall we dig in?

Starring out the window. With Petal.
They're still besties.

She emptied out Ferg's toy basket, dragged it into the kitchen and sat in it.

My BIG girl.

Painting Uncle Bry's Happy Birthday picture.
So much fun.

More painting.

At Uncle Bry's birthday dinner.
(I sort of love her nose.)

My absolute favorite picture of the MONTH.
All feisty-after a nap.

"Um, I dropped Petal. Uh-oh."

"I love you, Mommy."

"Thanks for picking up PETAL!"
(So expressive, no?)

Outside playing with her mud kitchen. Topless.
That's the way we role around here. :)
(It's still soooo hot.)

My sweet baby girl.

Somebody loves her bristle blocks. She made this for C.

Somebody ADORES spaghetti. So much so, that when the pasta is gone it's imperative that someone lick her bow-shaped mini-mouse plate from cousin Mick to get ALL the sauce off.

Please check out the "after".

...Glad we saved the corks of all that wine we used to drink...

They provide for quite a lot of fun.

Crayons are becoming more and more entertaining.
Almost as fun as watching them fall from the high chair to the floor.

Yogurt face.
(She had just licked her TRAY clean.)

She's sitting on a colander.

She's reading.
Reading is a BIG thing in this house. I'm willing to say that her books are her favorite toys. 
This is her hallway collection. :)

Look! She's nearly rolling her eyes.
THAT is my child. :)

Why wouldn't Lila be petting Ferg while she wears the airline neck-support thing?

This is immediately after Lila woke up. (Hence the bed-head.)
She looks like a toddler. Where did my baby go?

One should always dress appropriately for breakfast. In Lila's case, this means that her skinny purple headband is necessary. And, it must be worn horizontally, tiara-style.

Ah yes.
Now THAT's perfect. Now I can eat my cantaloupe.

Lila moved up to her NEXT size of croc-like shoes.
(I'm telling you, these are the IDEAL shoes for Cabo kids. I love that they're waterproof.)

She had just picked up a dropped puff.
And I just think she looks cute.

Lila Ross • Current Specs

Age: 15 months old!

Favorite things: cheese, swimming, all things water-related, Michael Buble...still, bristle blocks, books, hats

Least faves washing. (It's still a battle.) When others insist on "helping" her with her spoon. (She's got it herself, thank you very much.)

: Mucho snuggling, walking backwards, twirling in circles to music (Michael Buble), learning how to march (sort of) and doing pretty ok with the spoon. She actually LOVES lotion. (She's hated it for the first 15 months of her life.) AND, somebody is getting FOUR teeth right now. Yep. Four. She's nearly doubling her current tooth inventory. Someone is also starting to bring us a diaper when she wants to be changed. And yesterday she actually brought us a diaper AND a wipe. Hmmm... And, someone can ALMOST take her shoes off by herself. Lila was also was vaccinated this past week. (Yep, we're on our own schedule - it's about 3 months-behind the regular one.)

My favorite things
  • My non-snuggler has reversed her stance on cuddling... While there's no chance that she's going to sit with me for a long time, she DOES lean into my kisses and remain there for as many as I can squeeze in before she moves on.
  • Lila's a dog person. She loves Ferg. She loves my sisters' dogs. She loves seeing dogs. (She seems them and immediately says, "dog-dog." :)
  • When I was pregnant with Lila, I prayed for an independent and strong child. I think she's turning out to be exactly that. Her independence makes my heart smile.
  • The other day there was a lull in Lila's lunch menu when C. was getting her some additional food. She felt he needed suggestions and immediately said, for the first time, "Tseeze? Tseeze?" Translation: "Cheese? Cheese?" Now, that is my girl.
  • She talks. Incessantly. And I love it. Her favorite words the past two weeks:  cheese, juice, shoes, duck, dog-dog.


  1. where HAS the baby gone?!? she is getting so big and growing into that independent girl you were praying for! : ) so cute.

  2. I can not believe how much older she is looking! More like a little girl than like a baby. Lila and Chanelle share many of the same wardrobe pieces. :)

  3. She is just adorable!! Our daughters are almost the same age.

    Lila's hair is sooooo cute and curly - love it!

    Keira is interested in a lot of the same things. Wish we lived closer and could do a play-date. :-)

  4. she seems so grown up, i just can't believe it. no wonder you're rockin' #2. ;)

  5. Isn't it amazing how pigtails make them look so grown up? The first time I did them on Sophia (around that age), it seriously made me tear up. She looked like a toddler immediately. Lila looks adorable in them!

    ...and the just gets so much better! I could talk to Sophia 24/7 and never get bored. I love seeing into her mind.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Doesn't it just overwhelm your heart with joy watching her grow up? It does mine.

  8. 1) Care Bear shirt!
    2) Bristle blocks look fun.
    3) She DOES look like a little one and not a baby. Geez!
    4) I also love that she and the Ferg are besties.
    5) The constant talking comment made me laugh out loud.

  9. The rolling eyes pic, the feisty look and the crocs! LOVE IT ALL! This post was fantastic. I love the Lila updates!


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