Lila Lunes:
15 months for 4 more days.

10/18/2010 04:08:00 AM
Note: There are more than likely grammatical errors/spelling errors in this post. I'm tired. And I'm rushing so I can watch the Mad Men season finale.

Sunglasses? Check. Elephant shirt from Iris Took? Check. Attitude? Check.

I'm not sure I even have a caption for this one. The only thing I say? This is our Lila.

Playing outside. As usual.

Lila has gotten better at watering the flowers. However, she feels that just the leaves and flowers should be watered. The root system is absolutely irrelevant.

Being cozy is extremely important to someone.

Notice I hardly can get a picture of her looking at the camera AND smiling? This is because she is CONSTANTLY moving.

Lila's new favorite necklace.

Kinda of smiling, kind of crying.

Out to dinner last week she picked up a fork and start using it.

Who is this toddler?

Oh, Lila. This is the first of many forced/posed pictures that you can expect to have to sit through since you're my child.

Walking downtown. She and Bella are holding hands. (How cute is that?)

Cousins. This would be Lila and Brody.

Here is Lila tickling Brody. Clearly, he loves it.

I think they're cute.

One can only prepare to ride her horse when one has Petal properly stowed.


That hair!

That face.

Speaking of faces...

And more faces...

This one happens to be my fave.

And then the sweet one.

Lila conquered the straw this week! But still can't stop tipping her cup.

Look! She's looking at the camera!

Lila's Daddy dressed her this day and I felt it was adorable.

She loves to GASP when you say something funny. I love it.

Oh, just sitting around topless on a Sunday afternoon, in my recliner, near the door, eating grapes.

It's creepy how much this kid loves fish.

It's been a long week.

My *favorite* picture of the week of Lila.

And my favorite all-time picture of the week. The way she's looking at him says it all.

And, some movies... (It's been a while.)

Lila Ross • Current Specs

Age: Nearly 16 months old!

Favorite things: helping! Lila loves to put things in the trash, swim, scream and then laugh, swing, showing us her toes, nose and belly, reading, brushing her teeth

Least faves
: being told "no" is a HUGE issue right now. It makes her scream and throw things. (WHAT?!)

: She twirls, loves to dance, tries to march and put on a bracelet by herself this past week. She's climbing better and is starting to run more and she drank out of a straw this week. She also understands a fork and likes to use one.

My favorite things
  • The way her face lights up when C. or I open the cheese drawer. 
  • When she pulls a book that is nearly half her size over to me, sits in my lap, and folds her hands and gets excited to start reading.
  • How she mimics EVERYTHING she hears/sees. (This is both awesome and terrifying.)
  • She loves to help me... hand me things, bring me things, put things here or there...
  • When I come home from work, she GASPS and puts her hands to her mouth in utter disbelief. It melts my heart.


  1. She is so awesome!!! That pic with the necklace, the one of her topless eating grapes in her recliner and the one of her looking at her Dad, wow!!! I hope you're going to do the blog book thing so you can have hard copy of all this!!! Happy Monday!!

  2. Too stinkin' cute. Seriously.

    The "look. she's looking at the camera picture" THAT looks like you! It's the first thing I thought when I got to that picture.

  3. She is so adorable! I love how her personality shines in your photos. That love to help is going to come in handy in a few months! Sophia is still my second pair of hands during the day. It's awesome!

  4. She makes a superb whammy face.

    Athena GREATLY enjoys the videos.

  5. The video of her chatting is precious! It cracked me up!

  6. she seems so grown up, i think girls really do learn faster than boys. :(

    i love her sassy face!

  7. Oh great pics this week and LOVED the videos!

    I love the shy girl face in the waking up video and I was laughing out loud with the talking video!! I had to watch it again. Whatever she was saying she was cracking herself up....and that is beyond adorable!

    Love the necklace picture and the making faces pictures! Someone is expressive and that is awesome!

  8. HAHA! OMG! She is so cute.

    I feel the need...the need to SQUEEZE! (This is a Top Gun reference in case it did not translate on blog).

    Thanks for debuting the shirt world-wide. She looks so cute in it!

  9. omg SO cute!

    those videos are to die for...the marching?! i love it all! can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks :)


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