Current TV thoughts.

10/13/2010 04:08:00 AM

Let's talk T.V. I've recently scaled back the DVR timers and have decreased my weekly television committments in an effort to spend more time doing what I love: reading, blogging and crocheting.

Still, my priorities are:

1.) Mad Men
2.) Parenthood
3.) Modern Family

If I have time, I like:
1.) House

Moving on, below are just a few recent T.V. revelations:

Say Yes to the Dress.
This show has taught me several things:
1.) Never take your fiance with you shopping for your wedding dress.
2.) Never take a large group of opinionated friends/family members with you, either.
3.) Never accept anyone's offer to pay for your wedding dress. Obligation is nasty.
4.) If you're asked to go wedding dress shopping with someone, NEVER, EVER say your true opinion unless it's in line with what the bride thinks/feels. Bottom line - it's her choice. Be happy for her.

Flipping Out. (No longer a DVR item.)
1.) Jeff Lewis is a ridiculously verbally abusive employer and I cannot respect him. If you're being treated like that by your employer: QUIT. Immediately. And file some sort of claim.

L.A. Ink. (No longer a DVR item.)
1.) I used to lurve Miami Ink. Why? I loved hearing the stories behind tattoos. Not necessarily about tattoo artist. L.A. Ink's Kat Von D is ridiculous. The show is all about her and not about tattooing. Lesson learned: Even c-list fame is a monster... very few are strong enough to resist it. She's become a jerk.

American Chopper: Senior Versus Junior (No longer a DVR item.)
1.) This is the antithesis of a positive father/son relationship. I'm disgusted by it. Senior needs hardcore prayer to change that heart.

1.) All families are cra-zay and complicated.

Yo Gabba Gabba
1.) Dancing should be part of everyone's daily routine.

Saturday Night Live (Regularly DVR'd.)
1.) Comedic artists need to be supported at all times. Why? Because they do. Funny is as funny does. And I does love SNL. Always have.

Inside the Actor's Studio (Regularly DVR'd)
1.) This is a fine show. One of the finest. Betty White was just on and it was superb. She's a cutie pie. And I'll take it to my grave, the best episode(s) EVER were the ones with Dave Chapelle.

Project Runway (Regularly DVR'd)
1.) Again - artists need to be supported. Even weirdo-full-of-themselves-ones.
2.) Learning new words is fun. Thank you Tim Gunn.

Toddlers & Tiaras (Proudly no longer a DVR item)
1.) Like peanut butter and jelly, the deep south and pageants just go together. However, one should reconsider spending $5k in a pageant that may win your child a $500 savings bond. I'm thinking that's not a good ROI.


Other Random Thoughts:

I think Glee is awful this season. Boo. Boring. Storyline = weak. Not enjoyable. The inaugural season was far better than this one. I struggle to watch this.



  1. totally agree about Glee. VERY disappointed.

  2. also agree on Glee. i find myself just fast-forwarding to the songs. it was a cute it's just a caricature. it had the opportunity to draw us in, build characters, but it hasn't. it sucks.

    constants: Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Office and Mad Men.

    outsiders that you've probably never seen:

    30 for 30 - ESPN's sports documentaries. they're actually awesome.

    Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory - what would your brother, boyfriend or husband do everyday if he had all the money in the world and all day to spend it? THIS SHOW. it's hilarious.

    Top Gear - if your brother, boyfriend or husband hasn't seen this, he needs to. british accents, supercars, crazy challenges (like driving from the southernmost point of vietnam to the nothernmost point...on scooters), and british humor.

    best new show: Blue Bloods. seriously, tom selleck as a thoughtful father and police commissioner of new york. beautiful bridget moynahan as tom's daughter and an assistant DA going through a divorce, donnie wallberg as the oldest son and a hot-headed detective...and the rest of the family. this one is good. it's an ensemble, it's well acted, and it's so much more than a different case each week. in fact, sometimes the cases are secondary to the family. definitely worth seeing.

  3. Ok, it would take me at least an hour to write down ALL the shows I am currently watching and what I think about them.

    And I totally agree - it is bit sad how much TV I watch.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Giuliana and Bill back on my DVR! They are a guilty pleasure of mine :)

    I agree.....Modern Family and Parenthood are pretty great!

    I love Flipping Out, but I agree he has been a complete ASS this season. Totally uncalled for. There have been MANY times were I just said to my sister, this is not cool of him and I felt it was beyond too far. I am surprised some of them still work for him.


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