Let's talk books. Childhood classics.

10/06/2010 07:17:00 PM
A very good-friend of mine has a sweet little boy who just turned 3 not to long ago. She is looking for some childhood classics, in English, that she can get for him for Christmas.

There are SO many fantastic ones. She has Goodnight Moon and some others. What are your suggestions? What are your favorites?

I'm thinking...

1.) Green Eggs & Ham (and other Dr. Seuss books)
2.) Sandra Boynton books
3.) Corduroy

What are your suggestions?! I'd love to hear. (Try to think of little ones, but I'd love to hear "children's classics" for ALL ages.)



  1. for whatever reason, when i was little, i LOVED "cloudy with a chance of meatballs." don't think it's on any classics list, but it's fun. in recent years, i've gotten quite the kick out of "click clack moo." cows that type? i rest my case. :)

  2. I can't believe you didn't mention Shel Silverstein!

    I also like Max Lucado books.

    And one of my favorite books ever - probably more for "tweens" and up - Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus.

  3. Of course I am a sucker for ANYTHING Dr. Seuss. I love that man.

    My second favorite is The Monster at the End of This Book. I actually own this because it makes me smile!

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar was also a BIG favorite of mine.

    The Poky Little Puppy and pretty much any Little Golden Book is good to have.

    It is funny I hate reading big people books....but LOVE little kids books. They have pictures :)

  4. These probably aren't classics, per say, but I'll share some of our favorites!

    1.) Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
    2.) We have a lot of the Berenstain Bears books - they have messages, like about sharing, not being jealous, etc.
    3.) Walter the Farting Dog (hilarious!!) - there are a couple books out in the series
    4.) Skeleton Hiccups
    5.) Early Reader Bob Books by Bobby Lynn Malen - the girls got these when they were four, but a three year old could probably start out with them no problem, to build a base for reading.

    Yay reading! I love children's books!

  5. I'm with Sarah - all Shel Silverstein!

    Picking a few individual books is hard, but I loved the Mother Goose collection of stories - Hanzel and Gretel, Three Little Pigs, etc.

    I don't like Snuggle Puppy at all! Makes me hesitant to try Boynton's other books.

  6. I can't click to look inside! I also loved Corduroy.

    Nana used to draw us books when we were little and I really liked those. They are so special and one of a kind.

    There was one called Little Black Mambo that may not be politically correct anymore - but it was made in the 70s :)

  7. as a fan of 30 Rock, you've might have seen the one a couple weeks back where Jack is making a video for his future son...and he finishes reading the "The Giving Tree" aloud and ends it with, "and the tree was happy...Shel Silverstein was a communist." Hilarious. But definitely a great book.

    i read "Where the Wild Things Are" to Finn a few weeks ago.

  8. 1-Harry the Dirty Dog series
    2-Mama, Do you love me? by Barbara M. Joose, - is fantastic!
    3-Love you Forever, by Robert Munsch - is a classic!
    4-Most definitely ANY Sandra Boynton!
    5-The Kissing Hand- precious for preschool and schoolage- by Audrey Penn

  9. Amber-

    you should try out these Sandra Boynton-
    "But not the Hippopatumus"
    "The Going to Bed Book"
    "Blue Hat, Green Hat"

    these are always a hit with my kids!

  10. I always loved "The Giving Tree" and of course, Winne The Pooh. I read those over and over again when I was little. Now there is a series of adorable books about a siamese cat. The first is called "Skippy John Jones". Too incredibly cute for words.

  11. Def. The Giving Tree!
    The little girl I watch LOVES the three little pigs.... but it is retold as the three little javelinas

  12. CORDUROY!! OMG, I completely forgot about that book. SO great.

    I don't have anything new to add (love Shel and Dr. Suess, etc.). I just wanted to say how much I love Corduroy. :)

  13. The Brothers' Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson's compilations.

    Oh the Places You'll Go.

    The Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy series

    Are you there God, it's me Margaret.

    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

    The Little Princess

    The Secret Garden

    The Little House series

    (these are those I've forced on Clo)

  14. Don't forget The Little Engine That Could!"


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