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Prime Time Vs. Skin Rever-Upper

10/06/2010 04:08:00 AM
 For years I used the Bare Escentuals Skin Revver-Upper as the "first step" in the bare minerals makeup process. I was very happy with it and felt as if it made the right smooth canvas for the powder. Recently, I accidently bought Prime Time. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I know that it's the primer that is included with the newer Bare Minerals kits.

Which do you use? Which do you prefer and why?

The Skin Revver-Upper is here.

Prime time is here.


  1. I used Prime Time on my wedding day, years ago, and loved it. My skin looked airbrushed all day and night. Unfortunately though, I haven't used it since (because I'm cheap). ;)

    Never tried the Rever-Upper, but I enjoy the name.

  2. I'm of no help to your actual question here, but, interesting! I didn't even know this existed. Is it like a lotion? I love my Bare Minerals - I have extreme combination skin and so far it seems to be working great. I always have trouble when the seasons change but so far, no troubles, yay!

    But back to this revver-upper stuff, what is the benefit of using it or hte Prime time?

  3. My starter kit - that I got more than 3 years ago - came with Prime Time. And that's all I've ever used. I don't use it every day, though I'm not sure why?

    When I do use it, I like it. I feel like it helps my make-up go on smoother, and stay on longer.

  4. I've been a faithful user of Revver-Upper and have LOVED it. It's a cream-based, lotion-like "base" that makes your skin very smooth and ready for the powder that you add to your skin. I love it. (And, I have dry skin.) I usually use JUST that in the morning - no moisturizer.

    The Prime Time, while it has chemicals in it, is clear and is more of a serum. It just seems more oily. I'm not sure I love it.

    But, I FAITHFULLY love Revver-Upper. I don't think I'd use Bare Minerals without it.


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