Gimmick? Maybe. Worth a try? Yep.

10/26/2010 04:08:00 AM
As it turns out, killing a mosquito in our house is worth approximately $490.00 pesos. (That's approximately $39 USD.)

We live next to a golf course.
We live with our doors and windows open.
We live with a horde of mosquitoes from morning till night.
And as it turns out, my husband and my daughter are both walking mosquito bait.

Hence, the nosquito.

(I love the name.)

It's a non-toxic, indoor mosquito lamp that attracts mosquitos with a UV light bulb, then TRAPS them in this little screen-thing and you can either "gently release them" or STARVE them to death and throw out their little carcasses upon extermination. (Guess which one we chose in our house?)

Um, it works.

The reviews online complain about how the "hum" is too loud. (It plugs into a standard wall outlet.) Or that it doesn't kill *every* mosquito. But we prefer to look at this from more of a "glass-half-full" perspective. The nosquito traps mosquitos so that they're no longer eating my family. Job well done.

So yep, it works.
And it's worth it. In fact, we're considering getting one for Lila's room.
Goodbye lava lamp nightlight - hello nosquito.


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