DVR. Watermelon. Blogging.

10/28/2010 07:20:00 AM
Life's been kind of busy lately.
The MIL was in town for a week.
We went away for the weekend.
Work is gearing up and getting a bit busier.
My Mom arrives in a week.
My extended family starts arriving in a little more than a week for my cousin's Cabo wedding.
I'm super-pregnant. And ridiculously tired by 5 p.m. everyday.


So last night when I'd normally be writing the blog post for today, I decided to catch up on our DVR, eat pizza and just sit with my husband.

Don't hate me.


In the midst of the DVRing, I was cutting up watermelon (Oh, how I love watermelon and OH how difficult it is for me to sit still) and I was thinking about life. (Of course I was.)

I think everyday life can be likened to a slice of watermelon. It's full of seeds. The dark ones are especially annoying because who likes to chew up a seed when you're eating that perfect slice of watermelon? And picking them out? Blech. Annoying and tedious.

Then there's the light-colored, white seeds. The flimsy ones. You just eat them because they're not worth picking out. They're not a huge issue; but if they weren't there, it would be even cooler.

Then there's that perfect bite.

It's cold, ridiculously sweet and absolutely delicious. That one bite made the earlier seed-picking from all of those previous non-perfect bites that much sweeter.

I sort of live for those bites. Literally and figuratively.

Life is filled with seeds, but every now and again you bite into something delicious and the seeds just don't seem to matter.



  1. so true, so true! I love analogies and this one is well said!

  2. I love this comparison (and I LOVE watermelon!)

  3. LOVE the analogy!

    Sitting on the couch with your husband, eating pizza and watching TV trumps blogging ANY day!

    We would never hate you my friend! ENJOY :)

  4. Profound and true. Very nice.


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