Book Review: Gunn's Golden Rules (Tim Gunn)

Since I'm loving Kimber the Kindle so much lately, I figured I'd better get on my book reviews. I'll keep them semi-short and sweet and will keep a running list of what I'm "now reading" and what I've "Done read" in the right-hand side of my blog. (See example above.)

Title: Gunn's Golden Rules; Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work

Author: Tim Gunn

Stars: ★ ★ ★

Thoughts: This book was just the right mix of new vocab words, gossip (about The Martha!) and glimpses into what apparently is Tim Gunn's "asexual" (his label, not mine) world. The man is intelligent, it's true. And, even though he's not a designer, I firmly believe he does with the English language what Tom Ford does for men's suits.

The book was entertaining and enjoyably written. I chuckled more than once. And, I always a chronic stutter as a child/young adult?)

I did get annoyed just a couple of times throughout the read as it seems pretty blatant that Tim thinks quite highly of himself - but then it is a "guide" for "making it work." I read it knowing that it was going to be chock-full of etiquette standards. But then again, I can't fault a man who writes:
"I hold doors for women, and I also hold them for men. When I'm at Macy's, I don't let the door slam behind me when I walk through. It has nothing to do with gender. I would hold a door for anyone. Would I hold the door for a dog? Okay, maybe not, because a dog shouldn't be at Macy's, but otherwise, yes! It has to do with noticing our fellow human beings and saying, "I recognize that you're on this planet, and I don't want a door hitting you in the face."
Right on, Tim.


Would I read it more than once? No. 

Would I recommend it? That's conditional - only if you're already a Tim Gunn fan.



  1. Ooh -- did you like "The Help"?

    (Still coveting Kimber. :))

  2. @WP - YES! I did. Will write about it tomorrow.


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