Baby Item Review: Lascal Kiddy Gate
(Yep, my oh my, how has the blog changed...)

I'm clumsy.

As a general rule, I hate baby gates.

I can never put them up sturdily (word?) enough. I always knock them over. They're always falling over when not in use and overall, I give them TWO thumbs down. They get dusty. They're gross.  I especially loathe them in high-traffic areas. I hate them and only use them when I have to.

So, a while back I bought this on amazon. It's the Lascal Kiddy Guard Wall gate. (See here.)

(That is not my kid. Or my housekeeper (?) in the background.)

Our doors leading to the courtyard are weird. When only one is open, it's a skinny opening that a traditional baby gate doesn't work with. If both doors are open, the door frame is far too wide and is therefore too large for a traditional baby gate to work with.

So, we needed a solution.

BAM! There it is.

The baby gate is transparent and apparently is able to withstand tornadoes. (Or something.) Lila bangs on it out of sheer anger and it doesn't seem to hurt it. And, it's breathable. It allows air to flow over, under and through it. And, Lila likes to be able to see outside.

There's a single button (see below) that you press and slide forward at the same time as you pull out the screen. (Ignore the plywood behind it. C. still needs to paint that. Sorry for calling you out, honey. I know you're busy.)

So you pull out the screen while pressing down the button, then hook the latches on the top and bottom of the other side. (All mounted to the wall.)

My overall vote?

It's a little pricey, but for us - it's worth it. We have our doors open 9 months out of the year so to be able to keep Lila (and then Nutella) in (or out) is so very worry-free and convenient.

I also love that it retracts and ultimately goes away and we're not forced to stash away the baby gate here or there. Love that.

Can I work it with one hand? No. Can I work most mechanical things with one hand? No.

Overall, I give it 4 stars out of 5. My only complaint? I wish it were cheaper.

And there you go.


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  1. Noelle, Nutella's name, Noelle!!!
    I guess they figure they can charge so much for baby stuff because you really need it. I was surprised how expensive baby gates and dog gates are when I adopted Jack!! But the gate was so worth it, crate training didn't work when he was a baby baby so we went the puppy pad route for a long time.


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