Always something else.

10/07/2010 04:08:00 AM

It appears that there's always something else to do.

(Can I get an amen?)

Something else to add to my to-do list. Some other errand I need to run. Some other gift I need to remember to buy. Some phone call I need to make. Some time I need to spend with someone.

I was mentioning all of this to my sweet husband the other day... this whole "always-something" thing.

And in his gentle, easy way, he told me that it's true. And that's life. And it's going to be like that up until it's our last minute on earth. It's our choice how we choose to spend our time and how we let those "To do's" affect us.

Right on, super-cute husband. Right.On.



  1. AMEN! It can be sooooo frustrating some times.

    However, I must say that Craig is a wise one!! :)

  2. I've had kind of an epiphany with to do lists since BB was born. It hasn't been easy, but I'm slowly coming to realize that I don't need to do half the things I think I need to do. And that if I'm late or forget something completely people don't love me less. If anything, I think some people think I'm more normal now. ;-)

  3. AMEN! I agree with Amber that some things don't necessarily NEED to be done, but I would LIKE to get them done.

  4. Your husband reminds me alot of my own. I'm often a spaz, thinking constantly about things, worrying....and he's just chill. He puts life into perspective for me and reminds me to just calm down and go with the flow. Enjoy this moment. Gosh, I wish I could be like them....but I guess that would be boring, right? We balance each other out.

    I wish we lived closer, we seem to have quite a bit in common. And Sophia, she'd love Ms. Lila.

  5. i love the fact that you moved form the mid-west to mexico to follow your heart and have no regrets. it is difficult for many for many of us to leave our bubbles (mine happens to be LA) so kudos to you.

  6. I knew you'd all understand...

    And @runningchatter - I agree with you.

    @SassyTimes - I wish we lived closer, too. I think you're right...


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