40 ounces of anything is too much.

10/20/2010 02:50:00 PM

Growing up, my Grandma always had and used juice glasses.

They were just enough. Maybe 8 oz. of liquid? Spending the night at her house meant setting the table in the morning for her, my Grandpa, me and maybe my cousin A.

Glass plates.
Folded paper napkins.
And juice glasses.

I recently bought juice glasses for Cabo. (Our other juice glasses are packed away with our former life in two Ohio storage units. I swear, we just need to throw 95% of that stuff away. I digress.)

And, I sort of love them.

I enjoy drinking just enough and not too much of my morning juice.

I think our grandparents really got the whole "moderation" thing.



  1. My grandma did as well! Really, it was perfect for just a little drink of something and the perfect amount. I have this great chocolate milk and though I WANT an ice tea sized glass of chocolate milk I use (since we do not have juice glasses) on of our rocks liquor glasses when I want a little juice or chocolate milk. It is perfect....about 8 ounces as well!!

    We really do drink WAY to much of everything!

    LOVE that pitcher...is it a picture of yours?!

  2. I have juice glasses. They are from Cabo actually. They are about 8 oz. They are perfect for that right amount of juice and for heating up my sons milk to dump in his sippy cup. It's the perfect amount.


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