26 weeks: My last week in the second trimester.

According to babble.com, Nutella/Baby Girl 2011 is approximately the size of 3 russet potatoes. YEAH RIGHT.  My BELLY IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN IT WAS at 26 weeks with Lila. It looks like I swallowed one of those mini-Heineken party kegs. For real. (Here's a link to my sweet little Lila-stomach. Wow. It's amazing how different second pregnancies can be.)

Q. How am I feeling?
A. I know it's boring - but I feel great. I did, however, get a case of FIRE-like indigestion this past week and couldn't even lie down to sleep. It was terrible. I cried. I paced all night long and then woke Craig up to tell him that I was in a bad way. Seriously, I cried. Ask C. However, after some zantac as recommended by my doctor, all was well. :)

Q. Physically how am I?
A. HUGE! I'm serious. I'm at the point (already!) where I don't believe I can paint my own toenails. My belly is not small.

Q. When is my next doctor's appointment?
A. We head to the doctor on November 2nd.

Q. Is the impending birth of Baby Girl 2011 becoming more real?
A. Absolutely it is. Some baby items have arrived down here and seeing those little newborn sleepers... Oh, my. I'm so excited. I just can't wait to see what she looks like...

Q. Any other major developments?
A. Not so much! Baby Girl is so active, though - and I adore it. We're at the point where we can see my stomach actually move when she dances. Um, love that.

Ok, and here's this week's belly shots...


(I felt that the irony of this picture couldn't be ignored. My big stomach. On a menu. HA!)

 That's all for now! More in the third trimester...




  1. Love the menu pic and your hair is luxurious.

  2. I can't believe you're headed into your 3rd trimester already! Seems CRAZY but so exciting!


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