Random Wednesday

10/27/2010 04:08:00 AM
1. I ate donuts for dinner last night. (I wish that statement was a lie.) But they were so good. THANK YOU to my brother.

2. I love looking in people's houses at night. In fact, it's one of the things I miss about not living in a traditional U.S. neighborhood. You can go for a walk at dusk... and look in people's homes to see how they've decorated. Love that.

3. Fiji water bottles are stuffy. And, I hate that they don't have indentations in them. Your hand just slips off the bottle. (That isn't my hand or leather jacket at left.)

4. We're attempting to conquer more sign language with Lila. It's going...

5. This made me smile. It's my sister's facebook status update from Monday about her daughter. "aubrey introduced me to her teacher as "my friend momma" this morning... just love that little lady!" (Um, how ridiculously cute is that?)

6. Am catching up on my DVR. (The MIL left yesterday afternoon.) Let's just say, I felt that the Mad Men season finale was pretty great.

Any random thoughts for you?



  1. I too LOVE looking into people's windows at night! Josh thinks I am creepy... ;) But I did let him know I am not hoping to see anyone naked, just how they decorated their mantle!

  2. I used to LOVE going for walks at night and looking in windows. Not for the creepy factor either, I just liked looking at the layout of houses and the decor.

    I also think Fiji water is stuffy. I think it rolls it's eyes at all it's round bottled counterparts in the grocery store.

    ....Sophia tells people I'm her best friend sometimes. It's super cute.

  3. I'm surprised after what Jill saw in a window in Detroit she still does that...

  4. Anyone that tells me their salary should be slapped.

  5. "I love looking in people's houses at night."

    Yep, reading that cracked me UP!!

    I am with you though, I enjoy it too....and only sort of in a creepy stalker way! Like 24% creepy/stalker way. Ok, maybe 36% creepy but NO more than 67%. I promise.

    I currently have no random thoughts in my head because I read donuts and now I want donuts. And to hid in bushes and look into people's homes. At the same time of course.


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