YAY! Happy Birthday!

9/24/2010 09:50:00 AM
About 13 years ago a flood of amazing people came into my life when I met my future-husband. One of whom was a particular person who is celebrating her birthday today.

Her name is M. Actually, it's not. Her first name really begins with an A., but that's beside the point.

We both married into this large extended family within a year of one another and almost immediately I knew that she was good, good, good people.

Dear M., you are wonderful.
You've cried with me, been happy with me and ultimately been such a huge source of support and unconditional love. I truly love and respect you with all my heart. I'm so glad we're related. And, I'm so glad you were born. You bring so much joy to so many people.

LOVE you. We all do.

Us. (Including Ferg. And I know that Nattie would have thought the same thing.)


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  1. Oh Kylee!!! Thank you soo much.. You made me cry. (in a good way) Every one of the things you said about me are in every way, all the more true about you! I trust and love you with all my heart and am ever so greatful you were born but also that I was blessed to have crossed paths with you! Thank you, I love you all and I have a feeling that Nattie and Louis are great friends now! :)


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