What? Something for nothing?!

9/29/2010 04:08:00 AM

Over the weekend some weirdo kept texting my U.S. phone and I had no idea who it was. Even after I asked. (The person just told me their name was two consonants. Annoying.)

Anywho, I can receive texts (not picture texts) down in Mexico-way, but I pay for 'em since I'm out of the country and am considered to be partaking in the ever-serious sounding, "international texting".

NOTE: I ♥ receiving texts from people I know. However, it's annoying to receive texting spam from weirdos.

That said, I called Verizon to see if I could block this yahoo from texting me.

As it turns out, they will block up to FIVE phone numbers for FREE! (If you want to block more, you have to pay a monthly fee.)

Log into your Verizon acct, then go to "Safeguards" and click on "Call & Message Blocking". Add the phone numbers and wah-la! You're "safeguarded."


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  1. 1. This is very good to know. I do not give out my cell number to companies as we still have a landline for screening...but in the chance some company gets my info you bet your ass they will be on here.

    2. I did not know you got charged for each text :( I will avoid texts from now on that have less that 10 characters...i.e. HAHA. Thank you. OK. TRU DAT. (ok, maybe not the last one)

    3. Where the heck did you find that picture and what the heck are they wearing?! Those crazy peeps over there.


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