Viva Mexico!

9/15/2010 11:08:00 PM

Dear kids, today at midnight marked a big deal for the country in which I work, live and continue to bear children. :)

As it turns out, September 16th at midnight marked the beginning of Mexico's 200-year anniversary of their gaining independence and their 100-year anniversary of the Revolution...

It's kind of a big deal. See? Even Google gets it.

Viva Mexico!

P.S. I thought it would be fun to make a list of the things that I ♥ about Mexico... specifically the state in which I live, Baja California Sur.

1. I love the people. I have been blessed to have met some wonderful amigos that have become mi familia.
2. The food. You can NEVER go wrong with Mexican food. YUM.
3. The beach. OMG. The beaches...
4. The language. I have never, EVER had more respect for English as a Second Language (ESL) speakers in all of my life.
5. The love for children. This culture adores babies and children... and I find that to be so endearing.
6. I love Mexico because they pace themselves. No one's rushing anywhere... Everything can be done "manana." It's taught me patience.
7. I love Mexico because at all times I have sand in my car.
8. I love Mexico because we experience something like 330 days of sunshine per year.
9. I love Mexico because it's eternally summer.
10. I love Mexico because I have direct control over my healthcare.
11. I love Mexico because my baby was born here.

Mexico has been quite good to me. And, I salute you and pray for you, dear country.

Viva Mexico!



  1. my google didn't look like that - they're totally sucking up to you!

  2. I am kind of bummed that American Google doesn't look that way. I guess we only care about Cinco de Mayo.


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