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Jewelry Edition

9/07/2010 02:10:00 PM

About a month or so ago I hosted a "virtual" Lia Sophia party for one of my very good friends who recently started as sales associate.

I got a BUNCH of fun stuff; many necklaces. (May the record state: I ♥ necklaces.)

(I love bracelets, too -- but they always seem to clunk around on my laptop.)

That said, I ordered the "Ensenada" necklace (Very appropriate, given my current location in life) and I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE IT. (Nope, I'm not being paid to write this.)

Here is the picture online...

And, here's a terrible, non-professionally lit, blackberry picture of it on my neck today. (Yep, I can wear non-dirty-looking tank tops to work. I work in Cabo.)

I love it.

AND, the best part? It retails for $166, but I got it as a $30 hostess item. Worth every cent, if you ask me.


My other runner up?

Among a BUNCH of other fun stuff, I ordered this "Reflection" necklace. I wear it either by itself or with other long necklaces. Too much fun. I can't stand it. (It retails for $66, but I can guarantee I didn't pay full-price for it. Awesome.)


More Lia Sophia jewelry here.



  1. Fun! I wish I could wear neck is super allergic. :(

    It looks great!!!

  2. OMG, those necklaces are FABULOUS!!!! And you know I LOVE necklaces and stuff, even if I look like a pinata.

    Great test, it looks awesome on your cuello =)

  3. You are too awesome!! I'm so glad you are LOVING your new jewelry. You are the bestest hostess EVER. :)


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