That Vera.

9/28/2010 04:08:00 AM
So there I was, quietly doing my Christmas shopping online when I was forced to visit

I just love this stuff. Always have. I'm telling you, I'm using some of my original pieces nearly 14 years later and they look GREAT.

So, here' s the new patterns. I kind of LOVE this one. It's buttercup.

Here are the others:


Twirly Bird Navy


Twirly Birds Pink. (Breast Cancer Awareness fabric.)

Get a better look here.



  1. The buttercup is my new's even prettier in person. Although, I can't picture buying it yet, simply because I never wear browns...I'm a black kinda gal. Brown is probably my least fav color...but this print is sooo pretty! (I think I will be breaking down soon and picking up a new bag!) :)

  2. Not usually a pink fan, but love the buttercup for sure! She's amazing!

  3. I almost bought the buttercup one today....and blue java....well, they are in my shopping cart, as always.


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