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Fall trends...

9/07/2010 04:08:00 AM
So it's my little gem of a secret that on Saturdays (and if I'm like Saturdays and Sundays) I sit outside in my little chair and I read non-baby-related reading materials for approximately 2 hours during Lila's nap.

I look forward to this every week. It's "my time."

This past week, I was delving into the September 2010 edition of InStyle. (I swear, I haven't actually paid for this subscription in YEARS... it just shows up.)

That said, I took some quick pics and had to share.

First off, the newest trends for Fall.

Nail art.
For me? Not so much.
For you?

(Note: I absolutely can appreciate some good nail art. However, there are other things I'd like to spend my money on besides intricate designs and stickers on my fingernails... like say a meal. Remember, I'm pregnant.)


I can't express to you how much this pleases me. I adore big hair.

Next, GREY is in (yet again) this fall. I'm ok with this... on other people. Some of you are going to be thrilled. Grey has a lot of lovers.

(I never feel that I look right in grey. However, I compliment others when they rock it.)

Next, I'm sorry - but PINK eye shadow, as seen below on Ms. Johansen, ALWAYS looks like the person has been afflicted with the ever-popular conjunctivitis, pink eye.

It's just kind of gross.

And, finally and most shockingly...

This section in the magazine baffled me.


"Offset their relaxed air with tailored separates and eye-catching accessories".


I'm sorry?

Is InStyle magazine is recommending that people WEAR sweatpants outside of their homes to non-sports-related activities?

And I'm sorry, but no sequined tank, no pair of heels and no cardigan and no belt is going to DRESS UP SWEAT PANTS.

I'm in shock.

I'm writing a letter to the editor.

I feel like this magazine just recommended that we all start texting and driving. This is wrong.



  1. I noticed at Gap and NY&Co yesterday the plethora of sweatpants, plus Children's Place had this look as well, in mini adult style. I adore big hair so that makes me happy!! I'm with you on the pink eyeshadow, I've had pink eye enough and it's gross!!

  2. let me be clear: if i try to pull off sweatpants as "business casual" i will not have a paycheck. i will be fired. thanks for nothing, Fall Trends. and keep your weird nail polish too.
    The Management

  3. @Charbelle - WHAT? The Gap and NY&Co are SELLING sweatpants to wear as OUTFITS??? Oh no. Everyone, build your bomb shelter - the world is officially going to end soon.

    @TrophyLife - Right on. You SHOULD be fired if you wear sweats to work. Only coaches should wear sweats... maybe. It's 2011 - they can wear yoga pants or track suits now.

    What is wrong with this world?

  4. This disturbs me. I'm a stay at home Mom and don't wear sweats at home! bah. This is disturbing.


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