Produce Report: 22 weeks

It appears that I'm 22 week pregnant. More than half way there! WAH-who! According to, Baby Girl 2011 is about as big as a coconut. And, her skin is changing from transparent to opaque. And, she's cut as a button. Already.

(Ok, we just have a hunch that she's cute.)

Let's dig in, shall we?

Q. How am I feeling?
A. All-in-all, I feel great.

Q. Are you tired?
A. The sky is blue, Lindsay Lohan is a trainwreck and I am tired. Being the Mommy to a kinetic 15-month-old and being 22 weeks pregnant is kinda of exhausting. But, is it weird when I say that I sort of love it? I mean, I'm really tired. I'm starting to swell. (It's still nearly 100 degrees here daily - that's got to be the reason, right?) I'm BIG. I have a basketball-sized belly. (Coconut? As if.)

Q. Are you slowing down and taking care of yourself?
A. Eh. I'm doing the best I can. Here's what I am doing. I'm reading more. I'm mandating quiet spiritual/me-time at LEAST once a day. (My goal is morning and night). And, I've got a pretty suh-weet husband who promptly tells me that maybe I shouldn't be standing on the counter to get to a high shelf in the cupboard or that maybe I shouldn't be standing on a swivel-office chair to check on our Christmas decoration decor in a closet.

If I'm slacking in the taking-care-of-me department, then that means C.'s all over it.

(I love you, husband.) 

Q. Does Lila know I'm pregnant?
A. Oh, oh, oh... that sweet pickle definitely knows something's going on. Either that, or she's got a crazy affinity for big bellies on ladies. (Which is totally cool, too.) She loves to, "tickle the baby" and "kiss the baby." ("Kiss the baby" means she throws her head on my stomach and smiles.  Um. cute.)

Tickling her sister

"Lila, give the baby kisses!"
(And this is what she does.)

Q. Any cravings?
A. Truly? No. (As I drink my third glass of milk today...) But seriously? I consider myself a supporter of all food. (Do you remember that line from Grease? "If you can't be an athlete, you can be an athletic supporter." HAHAHAHAHAHA. See? THIS is how I think. Not necessarily about athletic supporters, but from subject to subject to subject.)

Q. Are you ready for the baby?
A. I'm getting there! I just bought newborn diapers on Saturday. It made me happy. And, I've started to go through Lila's newborn clothes and ordered a few new things. We're so blessed to have a second baby girl when I have sooooo much from Lila that she never even wore. (Lila never wore sleepers; it was just too hot. So we have so many sleepers that were never even worn. Awesome!)

Q. Do you feel prepared?
A. Bringing a baby home from the hospital doesn't terrify me. We've been there. We've done that. Bringing a baby into our home that will have a 19-month-old baby already in it DOES have me a bit anxious.

I remember we used to leave Lila on the floor, on the couch, anywhere... everything I've read thus far says to be very mindful of leaving a newborn anywhere with a toddler around. Um, amen to that. Ferg has had far too many books, sippy cups, brushes and baby dolls hit her just from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We decided that Baby Girl 2011 will more than likely just hang out on the kitchen counter. Far away from Lila. Or on top of the fridge. (Kidding.)

Q. How's your weight gain going?
A. I weight exactly what I weighed at this point in my pregnant with Lila. I've gained 17  lbs thus far. (I gained 29 with Lila.)

Q. Do we have a name yet?
A. YES. And I love it. I could give more hints, but I shan't for now. I sort of love keeping it our secret.

Ok, I think that's all for the week.

Here's me. In all my bigness.



  1. Bigness nothing you look amazing!!

  2. You look fabulous!! And I just LOVE that pic of Lila tickling your belly...that needs to framed and put somewhere! :)

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  3. You look wonderful, happy & content and I am so so glad for you! Hugs!

  4. #1: Friend, you look AMAZING. You look SO happy and at peace. It's so wonderful to see. :) And it makes me miss you like crazy.

    #2: Your daughter...I'm telling you. That picture of her nuzzling your belly is maybe the single sweetest thing I've ever seen. It literally brought me to tears today.

    I love you. :)

  5. you are, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful, radiant pregnant women i've ever seen. i can only hope to be half as lovely (particularly in 100 degree heat!) when i'm growing my own produce. :)

  6. The photos of you and Lila are great!!!!!

    You look great (not big).

    We left E on the floor with first, we stayed near to warn her if she was getting out of control. We wanted her to learn to be gentle around the 'baby'. Over time, and now, they hang out in the room alone together with very few worries. Lila seems like a little sweetie...I'm sure she'll catch on quickly that you can't throw a plastic toy at baby's head. ;)

  7. you look amazing mama.


  8. so, not only do i want to say that Lila and the belly are looking so cute, but i also want to comment that my word veri is "manesse". sounds a lot like "mayonnaise", no?

  9. You look fantastic and seeing Lila hug your belly just made me smile! So sweet.


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