Produce Report: 20 weeks

As it turns out, in the world of swelling, cravings and weight gain, 20 weeks is the 50-yard-line for pregnancy... and I'm there. (Howdy.)

Holy wow.

In approximately 20 more weeks Baby Girl 2011 will be here. Living with us. In our home. Calling our guest bedroom her room and calling our hearts hers.


Q. How am I feeling?
A. Really great. I feel just fine. Yep, at night I'm tired and exhausted. But seriously? I blame that on the heat and chasing around after a 14-month-old. (It is still so ridiculously hot here.)

Q. How has this pregnancy compared to my first with Lila?
A. It's really quite uncanny - I feel as if it's the same pregnancy. The same weirdo changes are happening with my body... same feelings, same 'ole, same 'ole. Same heartburn, same congestion...

Some have said that I'm not as "wide" as I was with Lila. (God bless each and every one of them for pointing that out... I think.) But, as it turns out - they're wrong. I'm a measurement keeper and as it turns out - my body is right on target with what it was when I was pregnant with Lila. In fact, I'm a bigger than I was with her. (At least at this moment in time.)

Q. Am I ok with the body changes?
A. I mean who really is ok with the fact that their thighs and butt are getting bigger? I'm going to go with no one. But I'm absolutely ok with the increase in my up-top. It's definitely a plus.

Q. How much weight have I gained?
A. Oy. I guess since I was transparent about weight gain with Lila I should be with this pregnancy, as well. I started out weighing the exact same amount as what I weighed when I found out I was pregnant with Lila. Thus far, I've gained 15 lbs. Yep. (At this point with Lila I had gained only 10.)

I'm assuming it will all even out? Maybe? Hopefully?

Moving on.

Q. How am I doing emotionally about this addition to our family?
A. Oh, geez. I'm excited..

...and grateful.

Knowing that we will become a family of four, with the majority of us being estrogen-based, makes me happy.

There was something incredibly sweet about the birth of Lila. We had waited for oh-so-long to see that positive pregnancy test. We had prayed for, craved and dreamed of her before she was a reality. And, since she was our first baby - her place in our hearts is pretty unique.

Well, then there's Baby Girl #2. She's our little impulsive gift. She's what we had desired but weren't quite sure how to plan for. It feels as if she completes the circle. As I've said before, I'm fairly confident that four is our magic number... with the addition of sweet baby Girl 2011 - I'm preparing myself for the possibility that this may be the last time I feel a baby kick, that this may be the last time I experience all that is pregnancy.

...and I'm recording and journaling all of it so that I can remember...

So, Lila was my first gift...
And Baby Girl 2011 is perhaps my final --

Does it get any sweeter than that?


Q. Am I ready for Baby Girl #2?
A. Yep. I mean, really. There is so little you have to buy when you're having the same gender twice. Had Baby Girl 2011 been Baby Boy 2011 we would have been ready, as well. However, he more than likely would be wearing a lot of pink... or salmon.

We don't go "gender neutral" with baby supplies in this house. EVERYTHING is pink. Ok, not everything... but much of it is.

And, it's all C's fault.

(No joke, when we found out about Baby Girl 2011, C. was like, "SEE?! We could have gotten Lila a PINK outside swing instead of the BLUE and RED ONE. GIRLS need pink.)


I can see it now... Lila and Baby Girl 2011 will turn 7 and promptly HATE all things pastel. I hope C. can handle it.

Q. What's the labor and delivery plan?
A. It's still being considered.

Q. Am I giving birth in Mexico again?
A. Yep. Right now this is our home. My daughters will be dual-citizens.

Alright, I believe that's just about it.

Here are some pics of my big' 'ole belly.

See? I look like a keg. Who needs hips when you can look like a box?

There's definitely a belly there.

The belly as of yesterday.

There is definitely a baby in there. 

Have a great week!


P.S. Here's Lila's 20-week produce report...



  1. "Calling our guest bedroom her room and calling our hearts hers."

    I love this. So excited for you guys!

  2. it's fabulous to see you so happy.

  3. Wow, I can't believe you're already half way there. You look great!

  4. You are adorable...I am so happy for you!

  5. Too cute! Yes, you are right about that little baby belly! It's there! :)

    So exciting!

  6. Aww... you look great! Yay for baby girl numero dos!

  7. You look great!

    Isn't it a weird feeling knowing that it's (possibly) your last pregnancy and baby?? Like you just want to bottle it up somehow.

  8. whoa, 20 weeks, and looking great! glad to hear that you're feeling okay as well.

    my word veri is: repro. as in reproduce!!! hahaaahaa!

  9. You look great you little skinny thing you!

  10. You look so stink'n adorable!

    I can't believe you are 20 weeks...crazy!

    my word verification is that spanish for young mom?! :)


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