My love of typography
(And more...)

9/09/2010 04:08:00 AM
There are some fonts out there that make me cringe.

Comic Sans is one of them. (I'm not alone. See here.)

I also hate Papyrus.

I'm not a fan of zapfino, either.

Really, the list goes on and on.

I do, however like serif fonts, because I'm old school. And, I've always wanted to "design my own font" because I sort of like my handwriting. (And because I'm a huge dork.)

And there are some fonts out there that truly make me so, very happy.

I think looking at fonts is akin to online shopping. They're both a fun way to spend your free time. :)

I also love the smell of paper, adore a freshly sharpened pencil (can I get an amen, Mickey D?) and STILL to this day have a marker and crayon collection that is updated frequently by my sweet husband who knows my affinity for these utensils

I prefer extra-fine point pens, but I think that medium-point, blue papermate old-school pens provide a fluid, non-spotting ink that I love.

I also adore post-it notes and feel that if I could collect ALL that were EVER made, I would.

Speaking of collecting, I started a stamp collection back when I lived in the States. That's because I love to write letters and notes. And, I loved (when I lived in the States and had access to a REAL mail system) to MAIL said letters and notes.

I also love stationary. And note cards. And greeting cards.  And anything monogrammed or personalized.

Oh, boy...

I could go on and on.



  1. could you look into getting your font published? it could be called Ky or something original like that?

  2. I love looking at fonts too! I have waaaayyy too many on my computer.

    I also love BIC pens, paper, handwritten get the point.

    And, I love your new header.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS... When at Moses they turned my handwriting into a font... Quite frankly, it was awesome to see it in print, but it was not nearly as lovely as the real deal due to auto-spacing of the letters. :)
    I too am a real fan of all fun supplies. :) Big fan, that is me.

  4. You got me there!

    I cannot stand a Comic Sans email, that is the worst! Oh wait even worst, pink or purple Comic Sans email.

    I will not take it seriously, period!


  5. your blog makes me so happy. so happy. and so do all said supplies! :)

  6. FONTS are fun.

    I love papyrus! Omg!


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