MexMo: Soapbox

Backhanded compliments annoy me.
Passive aggressive statements annoy me.

This article, well.. it sort of annoyed me, too.

I'm exhausted by the negative PR about Mexico.

I'm over it.

As you know, today was Mexico's Bicentennial. So obviously had this article on their homepage:

[insert sigh]

That headline essentially says to me, "Crazy Americans keep visiting unsafe Mexico... they must be nuts. Oh yeah, and it's Mexico's bicentennial, but let's not celebrate with them since a few areas have drug issues."

(Melodramatic? Maybe. Annoying. YES.)

#1. Let it go for today, ok? Let Mexico have their day of celebration without any backtalk from their sassy older neighbor. It's bad enough that there are negative stories regarding Mexico in/on U.S. news sources on a daily basis, it's just annoying and childish to continue it even on a major day of celebration.

#2. I blame the U.S. media for perpetuating the stereotype that Mexico is unsafe. Headlines like, "Eight-five Die in Mexico" are ambiguously leading. Yes, friends. While I hate to hear that anyone perishes anywhere... we must remember that Mexico is a COUNTRY. It's not a state. I'm going to assume that on any given day in the United States eight-five people died, as well.

#3. It's true. There's a crazy, border-war going on that's possibly reminiscent (Thank you, Hilary Clinton) of Columbia ages ago. But friends, this is happening primarily at borders and in a few hit-or-miss (pun not intended) mainland Mexican-cities.

Saginaw, Michigan was voted the most violent city by the FBI in early 2010. Does that mean that we should stop visiting Ohio? Um. No. Does that mean it's likely that I'm going to get shot on my way to the Toledo Zoo? Probably not. Same, same about Mexico.

Essentially, I implore all of my U.S.-dwelling friends to not be bamboozled by the U.S. media. Learn your Mexican geography. (See above map.)

Please think twice when you read or hear about how "unsafe Mexico is" or whatever the latest claim is. (Ahem... care to recall "swine flu" which was reported oddly right around spring break in 2009? I'm sure you do. Remember how the U.S. decided that Americans shouldn't visit Mexico? And remember how it came out MONTHS later that the flu was indeed NOT from pigs OR from Mexico? How do you reverse that terrible PR? Anywho...)

PLEASE remember that the WHOLE of Mexico is incredible. It is rich in culture, in beauty and paradise.

Just like the U.S. has States, communities and unsavory areas - Mexico does, as well.

And just like the U.S. of A. has incredible communities (and major metropolises... or metropoli?) that are filled with warm, kind communities, incredible landmarks, rich history and professional, educated individuals - as does Mexico.

--Stepping off soapbox now.



  1. BRAVO!!! Your best post ever and it needs to be the SRE facebook page tomorrow.

    Incredibly well said, and passionately conveyed, Kylee (and yes I AM using your name).

    I am a proud sister. Love you,

  2. One more of my Canadian friends once said to me that the US is like a 15yr old boy, with all his absolute beliefs in himself with all of the vulnerability of know you can't do it yet on your own. Same love and hate, quick to judge, quick to fly off the handle and quick to forget.

    From that I surmised that Europe must be like a 45ish, been there done that adult. Laid back and enjoying the finer things in life with 1.2 kids, 6-8 weeks a year of sun loving, wine drinking holidays, smaller homes and no need to prove himself to anyone but himself.

    If these are both accurate, then Mexico is a first grader schooler. With a government that is only about 90 years old, this kid is still learning how its done and how it can be, what the rules are, and how to break them. Still trying to be like someone else and trying very hard to grow up and prove that they can do it on their own. Given time, the kid will in fact grow, likely into its big brother the 15yr old....but eventually the 15yr old will turn 50 too. Such is the cycle.

    READERS OF KY'S BLOG - Mexico is a baby nation. It's only REALLY been under its own control for 90 years....after 100's of being enslaved and mistreated. GIVE THEM A BREAK. They are hardworking, industrious and have accomplished about as much in the short time they have been a democracy as the US did in the same period. Give them a chance to learn....right about the same period in US history, the US was fighting prohibition...remember? That didn't go over well, either.

    Again, Ky, BRAVO.

  3. Such great points!!! Our media likes to slant things and twist them and make them over the top. You have to read about 5 versions of the same story from all the different sources to pull from it the truth of what may have happened.

  4. Agreed...and personally, I can't wait to visit in November! :)

  5. Yay! Mexico is lucky to have you:)

  6. hooray, ky!!! what a wonderful, impassioned post! i've been to mexico several times, visiting different areas each time, and have nothing but good experiences filled with kind people, beautiful landscapes, and of course, delicious food. :) viva mexico!!!

  7. As a fellow expat, I can really appreciate your post. I love Mexico and I feel very safe here. Thanks for a great post!


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