Lila Lunes:
She'll be 15 months old tomorrow.

9/20/2010 04:08:00 AM
Warning: TONS of pictures in this edition...

We're trying to get Little Lila used to eating on a plate. She enjoys it. And usually hands us the plate (to refill it) when she wants more to eat. Clever little bug.

Poor Ferg falls victim to any and all food spiked off of the high chair tray.
See the noodle in her ear?

She's modeling.
Photo by Lila's Daddy. :)

Outside is pretty much a fabulous place.
And plastic things.

We tried peanut butter recently... and someone wasn't so sure at first.

..."Hmmmm... what is this?"

"Enough with the photos. Yeah. Thanks."

Lila had her first Danonino yogurt.
She felt the yogurt was far too small.

The spoon is really a big deal in this world right now.
If it can't fit on a spoon, someone would prefer not to eat it.

Petal remains a very important part of our lives.

Lila was invited to her first, real-deal, big-kid birthday party!
The hostess made this ADORABLE outfit for her. (The theme was a luau.)
(Please note the party shoes.)

 She had such a good time.

...especially playing with all of the big kids.

Watching the piñata was muy divirtida, tambien.
(She got a sucker out of it.)

 And... our favorite part of the night? Um. The cake.

(Every time she took a bite, she'd say, "MmmmmMMMMMMMM!!!!" Amen sister. Now that is my girl.)

This would be Lila's make-shift baby-doll wagon.
It was created with string and a cardboard box.
Hey, it's a recession.

Watching my child hug anything... oh geez. It really makes my heart swell.
She knows how to love...

Apple juice popsicles were tried this week...

They weren't immediately loved.

(That's the painting Lila made for her Daddy for his birthday.)

This happened in less than 3 minutes.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lila prefers to eat her O's out of a small, bejweled silver box.
(Thank you, Aunt T.)

(Close up on the box. We're fancy here.)

Please note the painted pigs.

We "LOVE" these books. The big board books by Richard Priddy are great. They're Lila's fave.

 Look who's chilling and resting and not moving!

(That was a work-in-progress bench/storage that is now complete.)

Somebody is silly.

And somebody is starting to look like a big girl.

And somebody loves Petal.

My happy Sweet Pickle.

And, my favorite picture of the week.
Lila has done this for as long as I can remember: when it's "settle-down" time, she goes and gets Petal and positions the bunny so that she ever-so-slightly grazes Lila's lips or her face. Lila then purses her lips and moves them in and out and soothes herself to sleep.

I love it.

And, I love her.


Lila Ross • Current Specs

Age: Just shy of 15 months (by one day)

Favorite things: spoons, Petal (her bunny), eating, water, playing outside, the word, "ball", mimicking

Least faves
: hair washing, face washing, being told no, brussels sprouts

: Using a spoon, actually saying, "no", saying "baby".

My favorite things
  • Lila is patting my stomach and "tickling" it. She smiles whenever she sees it. 
  • When I get a new blackberry messenger message, she brings me my phone. :)
  • The way she runs with her arms WIDE OPEN to her Daddy when we say, "Go give Daddy hugs."
  • How much she enjoys being a helper. "Go give this to Daddy. Go give this to Ferg. Go give this to Mommy." (She loves being a messenger.)
  • How she brings books to me, sits in my lap and folds her hands and excitedly prepares for "reading" time.
  • That if she's crying, all she needs to hear or see is Michael Buble singing, "I just haven't met you yet." She loves, loves, loves him. It's like crack to her.


  1. Such great pictures!!! She's such a doll!!! The party shoes are fabulous!!

  2. Okay, since it's early and well, I haven't reaaaaly woken up yet...I'm going to make a list.

    :: S hates peanut butter still. It would be GREAT if she liked it. I don't blame her though..I'm not a fan either, unless it's in cookies.

    :: We made a makeshift wagon for S out of a box when she was around that age. She LOVED being pulled around in it. Reminding me that since it's raining today, maybe we'll go find our cardboard wagon.

    :: Love the painting, love the sparkle box, LOVE those books!!! We have a few.

    :: And painted piggies are THE BEST!

  3. I love all of the pics in this week's post! Such a cutie patoootie!

  4. I LOVE the first picture of Lila and Petal (with the red bow in L's hair)! Love her eyes in that one!

    She's so sweet. I can't wait to see how much she loves her little sister!

  5. These pictures are FANTASTIC! Love the painted pigs, the Petal soothing, the dropping of noodles onto Ferg, the excitement over both helping and saying "no." (Sounds a little like her mama...ha.)

    AND: How wonderful is it that she's getting excited for Baby Girl 2011? She'll be such a fantastic big sister.

    (The picture of you feeding her cake is precious. Totally precious. I miss you!)

  6. i think it's great that the blog said "you might also like" and it was Lila at 4.5 months old (with sombrero on) and she looked SOOO little! wow, how time flies.

    i LOVE the little overall skirt picture. awesome.


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