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9/20/2010 04:09:00 AM
Essentially the conception, the pregnancy and the first 15 months of Lila's life have been pretty well documented right here on Two Pretzels.

Truth? I love that I have so much of her growth recorded. However, I'll be honest when I say that a part of me wonders, "Hmmm... should I slow down on the writing about Lila? I mean, if I've learned anything these past couple of months as Lila's mommy, it's that Is she going to maybe, one day, not be ok with all of these posts? Is she going to wish I would have just kept my mouth (ok, my fingers...) shut?"

So, then I thought about this more.

The pregnancy? I recorded that for us.

The first year of life? That too, was recorded for us.

The rest of the development of my little sweetie just might become a bit more focused on Lila... less on me.

I'm calling it a gentle shift in the way Lila Lunes updates are created. I'm going to do my best at making these posts a pure CELEBRATION of our life with Lila... mainly with photos. Milestones will be mentioned. But everyday ins and outs that could possibly be construed as struggles and complaints? I'm going to leave those out.

And let me tell you, it's not because I think that parenting is rainbows and butterflies, but because "Lila Lunes" are for Lila. They're a celebration of my sweet girl.

My parenting choices, questions, trials and tribulations will find their place on the blog in other posts. Just not in Lila Lunes...


So, onward to the Lila Lunes photos.

(As always, thank you [from the bottom of my heart] for reading...)


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I try to keep the girls' posts simple and sweet. Not too detailed. For their sake (and mine) when they become pre-teens and find any reason to hate me. ;)

  2. I totally get what you're saying. But for a minute I thought you were going to say that you were discontinuing Lila's updates, and I'd be sad about that because I love seeing the weekly pics of her!

  3. I like that you are changing it up and when you said "because "Lila Lunes" are for Lila. They're a celebration of my sweet girl.", well now that made me smile :) Love it


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