Lila Lunes:
14 months old, baby.

9/06/2010 04:08:00 AM

Oh Lila, you make us laugh.

Q. How's Lila?
A. Who-larious. And busy. Kinetic energy, my friends.

Q. What are some of Lila's favorite things right now?
A. In this order: Michael Buble, Ferg's water dish, ANYTHING with spaghetti/marinara sauce, being outside, her crocs.

Q. How is Lila sleeping at this point in her life?
A. Oh, we are so ridiculously lucky. Lila goes to bed usually between 7-7:30 and sleeps until at LEAST 8 a.m. She went to bed a bit later this past weekend and slept in until 9 and 9:30 a.m., respectively.

(I know. Awesome.)

Q. Has Lila tried any new foods lately? How's eating?
A. She LOVES to eat. In fact, I'm willing to say she eats all the time. (And yes, she still weighs 20 lbs. She must have Craig's metabolism.)

New stuff these past couple of weeks: pomegranate with cousin Clo, a few bites of a hot fudge sundae and spaghetti. She really likes tilapia, cheese and just about everything else. Except broccoli.

Q. How's walking going?
A. GREAT! She walks at a pretty fast clip and nearly falls over constantly. I'm not sure her brain has been able to catch up to her feet.

Q. Is she still in love with Petal her bunny?

Q. What size clothing is she wearing?

A. Still 12 months. And, she's sleeping in 9 month onesies.

Q. Is Lila talking a lot?
A. She's trying. She tries to say, "ball" and has some basics down. (Like Fergie, Dada, Mama, water, juice, milk...) She's super-vocal, though. This kid talks 24/7. There's much babbling and hand-gesturing going on.

Q. Is it true? Are kids this age "into everything?"
A. Um, yes. I'm starting to wonder if I should have just named her, "No, Lila." Literally, this kid touches everything. If it's on the edge of any raised flat surface, she's trying to grab it. Books, candles, phones, cabinets, toilets... EVERYTHING.

You have to ask yourself, "Is it quiet? Is Lila quiet?" Then you must promptly rise and go find her. Silence never = good.

Q. Any overall thoughts?
A. Yes.

Regarding "baby stuff"...
Prior to giving birth to sweet Lila Ross I projected as best as I could what "stuff" we'd need. With each new phase, I decided I needed ________ or _______. Now, I've come to realize how FLEETING those various periods in time are.

I'm kinda happy that I didn't buy a $300 baby food maker. (Although, I would have glady accepted a gifted one.) The swing, the bouncy seat, the boppy... it all is so fleeting. Sigh.

Regarding "baby stages"...
I used to think that the newborn stage was my absolute favorite. Then Lila started sitting up and I loved that. THEN she started actually eating REAL food and I thought I loved that. Then she started crawling, then walking... Bottom line? I feel that this whole process just keeps getting cooler. I love that she's becoming more independent and more of a little creature with her own opinions and preferences. Which brings me to my next point:

Regarding "tantrums"...
Last week we went to Office Max and my little free spirit threw a fit because she wanted to run and grab EVERYTHING and I didn't feel that was appropriate. So, she screamed. In a way, publicly, that I had not yet experienced. And, in all honesty, I had absolutely no idea how to handle it appropriately. So, I'm reading a book. This is all new to me. And, I'll be honest - a bit confounding. What happened to my sweet, serene, docile newborn?

She has gone the way of the wind, clearly and has been replaced with a toddler who, when I say, "Come here!", shakes her head and runs the other way...

Ok, on to the pictures.
Here is my daughter wearing her build-a-bear (Lola Bunny)'s shorts.
Yes. She is that petite.
(I like how she's posing her leg. And notice that Lola Bunny is only wearing her unders? Cracked me up.)

The big deal right now?
a.) being outside.
b.) being outside with water
c.) being outside with her water, rocks and with her shoes on.

She's also into "painting."
(Sponge paint brush + water = fun)

She's become quite adept at reaching down and picking things up. And, standing up from a seated/on the ground position.

Here she is wearing her cute, "Lila" shirt from cousin, L.
(SO cute.)

Bearing through smooches from Mommy.
(We found out about Baby Girl #2 about 30 minutes after this picture was taken...)


She was sitting in her high chair and I was at the table and she was jabbering and laughing hysterically for about 15 minutes. I wish I would have recorded it.

How great are these shoes?

I've been WAITING for these to fit her. They're from our good friend, D. 
She got them for her birthday in June.

OMG. I love them.

Lila likes to put things in things.
Here's Lila (with her sunglasses on, as usual) putting Petal in a block.
(Then she walks around and carries the block.)

Holding up the pasta plate so I'll give her more.

Carrying around gladware tubs of water is BIG fun in this house.

She put her hat on and proceeded to walk around without being able to see.
About 2 seconds after this pic was taken she ran into a chair, fell down... and laughed.

My favorite eyes-closed picture.

And, my favorite picture of the week.



  1. Great/fabulous pictures!!! Oh those shoes, those are fantastic!!! I laughed about the office depot situation, because while it wasn't funny for you at the time I could visualize it. Speaking of toddler tantrums I was working on Saturday night and a couple had come in with their daughter who I am guessing to have been around 1? It was towards the end of the meal and I guess she was bored because she started letting out the most ear piercing, shrill, wake the dead scream it was LOUD!! Then when her Dad covered her mouth she thought it was a game and did it again. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the restaurant who thought it was funny :)

  2. Oh man, 14 months was just the beginning of the tantrum stage for us. They always say "terrible twos", but I feel 14-20 months was the worst. Two (the age) has been a breeze.

    I think around 14 months, they really want to communicate and are trying, but can' they get so frustrated that you can't read their mind. Because really, if you think about it, to them, that's what you've been doing their whole life. They get hungry, never say anything about it, and miraculously, you feed them. They start to get tired, you lay them down. You are a mind reader! Until...well, now they have complex thoughts about tearing apart a store and you just don't get it. ;)

    Just like everything else though, it is fleeting. Before you know it, she'll be 18 months or so and be back to being an angel (and a GREAT helper of a big sister!).

    Hang in there!

    She's just a doll. (And my 5 month old weighs 20 pounds...hahahahahaha)

  3. those shoes are fantastic. and i have no clue how to handle tantrums. i know you and C will make it through. i LOVE the very last picture - she's growing into a little girl.

  4. I agree that each stage seems to get better. I find myself fearing the "next stage" before it happens and then enjoying it so much once it's here.

    I LOVE the shoes!!

  5. Love, love, love all the adorable!

    You're absolutely correct about each stage getting more fun. I also decided the second time around that the newborn stage was just boring. I've attributed this to knowing what I have to look forward to this time.

    I agree with sassy times, 2's are not terrible at all. But I will warn you, it's the 3's that get bad.

    It made me laugh, this last week I put Wyatt in a 9 month onesie. Keep in mind he's 4 1/2 months old and only 3 pounds away from Lila.

  6. Oops, I deleted pictures from my first line! Love the PICTURES. :)

  7. So great!! She is a cutie. Looking at the pictures, I thought, she looks like Kylee...then no she looks like Craig. What a great mix!! She is too cute and adorable. And I loathe you guys for her sleeping habits...ugh, to have a child that would sleep even 11 hours at night would be heaven, let alone 13!!

  8. @SassyTimes - THANK YOU for saying that 14-20 months was the toughest for you guys, as well. I love hearing that there WILL be improvement... right around when Baby Girl #2 is born.

    :) THANK YOU!

  9. That last picture is ridiculously adorable!

  10. Awww, I melted when I saw those little shoes on those precious pies!!! She looks a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

    And that last picture... please FRAME IT!

    See you soon amiga.

  11. I swear Lila gets cuter by the minute! And I'm so excited that there is going to be another little girl to read about!

    PS - I TOTALLY agree with your opinions regarding "baby stages." Each one is definitely more fun than the last, tantrums and all! :)


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