It's a stretch, Oprah.

9/27/2010 03:05:00 PM
For some reason (don't judge me) I'm on Oprah's email list and I occasionally get random updates from her conglomeration that is attempting world domination.  (One day it's going to be Oprah versus Google. My money's on Google. If it was Oprah versus The Martha, I'd totally be on Martha's side.)

Anywho, here is today's email: (Click to make larger.)

The email subject says, "Celebrities Take on Their Dream Jobs..."

Ok, wait a minute.

"Celebrties Take on Their Dream Jobs"?

Um, how about being a celebrity should be their dream job?

(I mean to each his own, right?)

Then if you open the email (like I did... I know, I know...) and click on it, you get this:

WHO CARES about Tony Danza, Serena Williams and Angie Harmon's dream jobs?

Not me.

As far as I'm concerned Tony Danza can keep wishin' and dreamin' and hopin' and prayin' about his dream job while he laughs his way to the bank cashing those royalty syndication checks from Who's the Boss? that is STILL going strong on T.V. nearly 25 years later.

I'm just saying: Oprah. This show? A stretch. You should have just gone to a black screen for an hour and flashed a message that said, "This hour of silence is brought to you by Oprah. Go read my newest book club selection. Or my magazine. Because I said so and I'm The Oprah."



  1. You make me laugh out loud. Really. . . out loud.

    ". . . because I'm Oprah and I said so. . . "

    I just love handing over my brain to a t.v. personality. ;)

  2. awesome post. especially that last paragraph.

    reading "Game Change" about the 2008 election, and McCain's people are trying to figure out to do what the Clintons couldn't - beat Obama. so they decided to make the britney/paris/celebrity comparison with a commercial. they produced one that included Oprah.

    McCain's lead strategist said, "Don't politicize Oprah. She's more powerful than you can comprehend, like Obi-Wan Kenobi."


  3. I am not buying it Oprah.

    Celebrities take on their "dream" jobs my arse! Maybe a more appropriate title is "Pseudo-Celebrities agree to partake in a job that they are just OK with because they need the publicity".

    I mean really, this is their DREAM job? A job where they might make in a year what they could have possibly made in a week or month?! Riiiiiight.

    Giving real people the opportunity to do their dream is one thing, giving has-been celebrities the so-called opportunity to do theirs is a crock of you know what!!

    Come on Oprah.


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