In awe of the pizza wheel.

9/02/2010 04:08:00 AM
As it turns out, my all-knowing husband recently introduced me to the wonder of the pizza wheel (aka: the pizza cutter) for Lila's meal preparations.

It's changed my life.

The two most used items in our kitchen during this season of our life are 1.) a cutting board, and 2.) a knife. Why? Well, we must cut up Lila's food into non-choke-able pieces before feeding her. It's tedious.

The pizza wheel has made LIFE so much easier. It works on virtually everything. It cuts quickly and efficiently.

My favorite to cut? Pancakes.



  1. great idea, i'm SO doing this. probably would have helped a ton with that quesadilla i was hacking up with a fork last night.

    on another note, why is quesadilla not in the automatic spell checker? because i'm pretty sure that's not right.

  2. Quesadilla should be standard in the American dictionary. I mean REALLY.

  3. It's true, a kitchen/toddler necessity! I like it for cutting Sandwiches into bite size bits!

  4. I use a pizza cutter for all kinds of stuff for my 10-month old...another handy thing we use to cut stuff up are kitchen scissors - you can usually find them with the kitchen tools at most stores. We have two sets - one set for cutting stuff up for the baby and the other we use for other food items, like trimming fat off meat, etc.


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