I think I've grown up.

9/14/2010 09:41:00 AM

You may have noticed that there was no fashion recap regarding the MTV VMAs. I think it's because I don't care.

Ok, I'm positive. I don't care.

I feel that all MTV awards shows are just silly and contrived and boringly manufactured to seem edgy. Blech. I'd rather read a book. Or crochet. Or play with Lila and her buckets of water and her rock collection outside in the courtyard.

However, I would like to note that I find it ironic that Lady Gaga wore a meat dress just the other day, then in the news this morning I saw the headline, "Lady Gaga teams with Coty to Launch Signature Fragrance in 2012."


I'm thinking it would have been better PR to wait a few days after wearing the meat outfit to announce the perfume gig. Because right now when I think Lady Gaga, I think red meat. And I'm pretty positive that I don't want to smell like that.



  1. ok, i'm sorry that i did not catch the fact that this was meat. as in, this was actual muscle of actual animals? or was it synthetic? i guess i could do a google search.

    i HONESTLY thought "oh, odd, Lady Gaga is wearing a normal looking red dress for once". i truthfully thought she just threw on what would have been an oddly-cut dress mad out of material....until now. what was I thinking?! better yet, what was SHE thinking. the thought of warm meat on my skin makes me want to throw up.

  2. She was on Ellen wearing this and the look on Ellen's face was enough to tell me how bad it smelled. Gross!

    It was also funny because Ellen was confused (as are most of us) why she was wearing it to begin with.

    She's just odd.

  3. See, now I'm actually a Gaga fan. I don't mind her music at all - I do like to dance. And, I kind of like it that she's one of the few, "performance artists" out there.

    But would I want to smell her meat outfit?

    Um. No.


  4. i too am a fan of her music. it's catchy, she's pretty flippin' intelligent and there is no stopping her, but the meat.....come on!!! (day old meat on the Ellen Show is just enough to put me over the edge).

  5. Her songs do get occasionally stuck in my head, but I just can't stand HER! I think she did this for a recent magazine cover - which kind makes me wonder, did she do it more than once? Doesn't that kind of ruin the "shock" factor.

    Peta is going to be all over her ass, but some how I don't think she's going to care. I mean she'd probably through a bucket of red paint on herself before they could get to her!

  6. I get it, she's weird.

    But have you ever heard her talk? She's actually really intelligent, articulate and so interesting. My husband and I, at first hated most things about her. But once we heard her on the VMA's and then Ellen, we were actually turned on. (no, not in that way.)

    We were impressed that she isn't as weird as she dresses. Yes, the costumes and things are strange and a little too much at times, but it's so cool.

    The meat thing was weird and like you mentioned, I couldn't imagine the fragrance that might be coming from that, but it's her. She said something about it supposed to remind people that "she isn't a piece of meat" and if we don't do anything about what we're given, we're just as worthless "as the skin on our bodies". Or something...

    I agree that the meat is weird but I like her message and he ability to just have no fear.

    I'm a little over the "little monsters" comments but that's her thing.

  7. Wow, longest comment ever!


  8. @Jill - Long comments are welcome here, lady. :)

  9. I have to say this is a PERFECT example of why I do not like that celebrities have their own fragrances. I always imagine the perfume smells like the celebrity. So if you look like you smell good I MAY want the perfume you are peddling but if you look like you stink I do not want to own your “scent”.

    I don't really listen to Lady Gaga's music but from what I have seen of her I think she is very talented. I think she is even better then what she shows.....wish she would do more not-so-pop stuff.

  10. I know I'm chiming in several days late because I'm just catching up on blogs today, but:

    1. A-freaking-men on the VMAs being totally irrelevant at this point.

    2. I, too, have been known to rock out to The Gaga (she knows her way around an infectious dance beat), but I think someone needs to investigate her, pronto. Over and above the meat wardrobe, her face looks completely and utterly different every time I see it. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that she's played by a troop of NYU theatre students who go around as her as some kind of social experiment.

    3. My word verification is "submat." Which I guess is the mat UNDER your floormat.


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