Forgive me. I can't help but talk about this new baby.
Give me a few more days of pure excitement

9/01/2010 02:42:00 PM
It's true. This new Baby GIRL 2011 has been on my mind.

Crib = purchased. (Same as Lila's. White. Jenny Lind. See crib below.)

Note: That is NOT the bedding.

Bedding = purchased. (Bumper, crib sheet, bed skirt, quilt and little pillow/sham.)

Care to see pictures? I sort of think it's adorable. (Click to make larger.)

And, I'm trying to figure out what color I'd like the walls. A chocolate brown is in the running... We shall see.

Oh, oh, oh... how I love decorating for girls.



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  2. talk about your new baby girl all you want!

  3. @Melly - Pottery Barn Kids. It's the Hayley bedding.

  4. I love the chocolate walls!!

  5. Absolutely adorable!!! We love to hear anything you have to say, keep it coming!

    P.S. I am in the process of collecting things for Abbey's big girl room and I have to say I am having sooo much fun too! We have everything but the mattress, that is next!

  6. Does that bedding have BIRDS on it?! ;)

    It's very very cute!

  7. Thanks, everyone!

    @Wendy - I know! NATURE! Birds and owls!!!

  8. I like the brown walls too > Nice compliment to the pink.


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