Everyone collects weird stuff.

9/23/2010 04:08:00 AM

Admit it.

You can't stop buying flavored coffee creamers.

Or, you must have the latest and greatest kitchen gadget.


Ask my husband. I collect very little, but I do really enjoy night lights.

Yes, you heard it. Night lights.

I love them.

A.) There are so many cool nightlights out there! (Um, who doesn't want a fiber-optic butterfly nightlight as seen above? Available here.)
B.) They serve a purpose. Hello? They light your path. Who doesn't like that?
C.) They're inexpensive.

I love nightlights.

I have one in pretty much every room of our house.

No stumbling in the dark in this casa.

You're welcome, C.



  1. Now you have me thinking....I really don't think I collect ANYTHING. Hmmmm....

  2. You are so cute and I want to hug you.

    I like to buy magnets when we go places. I always felt like they would not clutter up the house but they clutter up the fridge and then I need a box for the old ones, etc..

    Anyway, magnets are fun. LOVE em.

  3. I do the magnet thing too! But then I bought a fridge with a stainless steel front and you cannot put magnets on those--boo.

    TP: I saw in your header that you are a mash potato lover--I just attended a wedding where there was a MASHED POTATO BAR set up--it was heaven! The best spuds anywhere--would have sworn they were Yukon Golds and each and every condiment you can imagine to put on them--and some I had not idea you could--Jalepenos on taters? hmmm.. anyhew--you made your own concoction in a Martini glass--so fun!! Back to your regularly scheduled programming....

  4. Night lights, now that is fun!

    I use to collect key chains when I was younger from places I went....but when I reached 120 key chains I decided that I had enough!

    I now collect elephants but when I told people that, they started buying me anything with an elephant on it....I mean ANYthing. At this point I do not need another elephant stuffed animal and I really do not need a t-shirt with an elephant on it. Or how about the year my MIL (bless her heart) got me some of those washcloths that are compressed into an egg and expand when you put them in water and have an elephant on it.


    I now tell people I collect unique elephant items. Like when I went to New Orleans I found a hand-carved elephant statue at the market. Uh, yes please! Or I have this little thing that I keep my ring in that looks like a bedazzled elephant but opens to hide the ring. Stuff like that I collect.

  5. That's so funny! Nightlights is never something that I would think to collect, but good for you.

    I collect milk glass (mostly hobnail but I'm not really that particular), I collect magnets from places that we've been, and that's about it. Nothing too bad, but my husband would say that collecting something just refers to clutter. By collecting anything, I'm just cluttering up my house. I don't mind. I like it and it makes me able to search for something when I'm at a flea market!


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