Blanket Statement.

9/29/2010 08:08:00 AM

As far as I'm concerned, only Mary Poppins should be pushing a pram such as this one. (It's the Inglesina classic pram sold on for a mere $899 - marked down from $1,289.)

How pretentious-looking, no? With it I'm assuming you'd be mandated to carry a parasol, wear knickers and say, "Jolly good day!" to all whom you pass by.

(And that's all for my blanket statement stereotyping for today. Maybe more tomorrow.)



  1. I have never heard the word PRAM.

    Jolly good.

  2. i'm going to add a layer to your blanket by suggesting that only a nanny would push such a thing. mere mortals would not touch this, only hired help.

    i don't have kids or the money to buy this, so that's where my layer comes from.

  3. Ok, I will admit that I think that is totally cute! I love the retro feel.

    HOWEVER, I would never buy one as it is WAY out of my price range, because you would totally look pretentious pushing that, I don't think it goes with the jeans and sweatshirts I wear and will wear when we have kids, and I imagine that sucker does not fold up. Therefore I would have to make my child sleep in it as well - which would be silly.

    I remember seeing a picture of a celebrity pushing one once. Can't remember who it was....probably Gwyneth Paltrow. It did look odd.

  4. I have to say I like this too. And while I would never pay THAT for a stroller/pram, the stroller that we do have does have the capabilities of looking almost exactly like that.

    This is it:
    Just imagine the leg piece kicked up and the head down flat.

    It was VERY convenient when Joss was tiny - to take walks without having to strap her in, to be able to bundle her up, lay her down and go.


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