"...and, I want to be part of that team."

9/10/2010 01:41:00 PM
So a good friend emailed me a link to this new show...

I'm smiling as I type this.

Oh, how I need to know what you all think about bigamy. And the taking on of several wives. And this show.

It appears that the "stud" of the show, Kody Brown, is married to four lovely ladies and has 13 children. (More info here.)

Let's hear it.



  1. i won't lie.... i totally want to watch this show. i think it will be such a fascinating peek into a psychology of marriage that i just don't get. even asked the hubs if we could get cable before the show starts in a few weeks. :) doubtful that such a thing will happen just for me to gawk at plural marriage, but a girl's gotta try!

  2. Oh my, I wondered how long it would be after Big Love came out on HBO before we would see a reality show like it.

    I have always been someone torn between the tradition and values of marriage and leaving people alone to just let them love who they want. I respect and appreciate the tradition of marriage between one man and one women....however, I also believe that if people of legal age love each other, even if it is two men or two women or one man with three women, they should be entitled to be legally married as it makes absolutely NO difference to how I live my life. I mean just because something works for me and is what I believe in, doesn’t mean I should expect it to work for everyone else and for them to believe in it.

    Based on the preview, the wives looked happy and the kids looked happy and isn't that what many of us our looking for from relationships....to find love and be happy?

    I am interested and will probably watch out of curiosity……but that doesn’t mean I won’t squirm a bit when he is talking about his different wives!!!

  3. I'm excited about this show too. I love Big Love because it's just so uncomfortable. And I like reality shows that are less about drama (Big Brother, Survivor) and more about documenting lives of people who are completely different from the norm.

    As for polygamy... I think it's fascinating. I don't necessarily think it's wrong, but don't think it's right either (if that makes any sense). To each their own, as WK said, and I'm excited to see parts of their weird life.

    Also, I thought polygamy was illegal. No? How are they getting away with publicizing it on this show?

  4. Ladies - I agree with *all* of you. There is something so intriguing about the notion of "plural marriage." (Love that term, Abbe.)

    I'm so curious about the dynamics of the various relationships, what roles each wife has assumed (who is the nurturer, the problem-solver, the rocket in the bedroom?)... how they resolve conflicts, how they feel about other wives interacting with their children...

    It's all SO interesting.

    I'll watch it, too. For sure.

    I will go a step further though and SAY that it's my hope that women understand that they deserve nothing less than 100% from their significant other... And as a plural wife, chance are you won't receive 100%. So, my question is: why settle? But the again, I can't stand that women chose to be strippers either. I'm a little less-open-minded in some areas than others...


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