Alternate use?

I've been a jeans-cutter-offer for years. It always appears that the clothes I buy end up taking on a new life at some point during my ownership of them.

Meet my new maternity jean shorts. (Blackberry photos.)

They were once longer maternity jeans. However, since I live in the land of the stiffling heat and already have four pairs of maternity jeans -- figured, why not take that fifth pair and turn them into shorts? (Love gap maternity jeans with the "hidden" tuxedo-pant-style, no-panel waist. All my maternity jeans are from there and I REALLY like them and really recommend them.)

Back to the topic at hand: Left over from them there shorts are these.

What to do?
What to do?

What to do with these legs?

For some reason I never immediately pitch the fabric remnants. Why? No idea. Do I sew? No. Our sewing machine is in storage in Ohio.

So I'm asking you - WHAT, on earth, could I do with these?



  1. Hmmm...without a sewing machine, my best advice is to cut them into strips and knot them in some way to make a toy for Ferg and/or Lila. :)

    (I never throw fabric away either!)

  2. That was my thought, as well. . . a great toy for Ferg. :)

  3. Do a skirt for Fergie!! (can you cut some non-maternity pants for me?)

  4. Cut them into strips, braid them, roll them into a rosette shape and make a clip or headband flower for Lila (or you). Super duper cute.

    Tutorial here:

  5. Oh, oh, oh! All great ideas!

    @SassyTimes - that is AWESOME!!!

  6. clever girls :) I am thinking of some others!

  7. Grant likes to put them on his head like a hat and laugh hysterically! Just a thought :)


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