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8/27/2010 04:08:00 AM
I hate Log Cabin syrup. It's just... blah.

Unfortunately, it's pretty much the only easily-accessible pancake syrup this side of the border and I've been stuck buying it for four years now.

You can imagine my SHEER DELIGHT when I stumbled across these two JUGS of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup (my favorite!) at Costco tonight for a total of about $90.00 pesos. (About $7.)

Here's why I'm so pleased.

A.) I'm pregnant. And I love food.
B.) I LOVE, love, LOVE IT when my favorites from the States make their way down here. (I understand it's always only for a brief moment... but still, I appreciate it.)
C.) Looks like we'll be eating breakfast for dinner for the next 129 days.




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