Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, Rudy... and Kylee?

8/12/2010 05:08:00 AM

When I was younger I sort of wanted to be a Huxtable. Ok, I did.

I wanted Cliff and Claire to be my parents.

I wanted to live in that row-house.

I wanted that banister than Rudy shimmied down when she sang her part in the song for the grandparents.

I wanted to dress like Denise.

Most importantly, who wouldn't want to get in trouble from parents who were calm, collected and cool?

The way I see it, The Huxtables were the finest family on T.V.

The other sitcom runners-up for, "Where I'd like to live" were:

1.) The Facts of Life. Remember when they lived in the cool room with the four of them? And then when they ran that store/shop where George Clooney would stop by? Um, fun.

2.) Who's the Boss. I think Sam would have been a cool sister. And, Tony just looked like he was a good cook.

3.) The Golden Girls. Who wouldn't want to live with The Golden Girls?! I mean, REALLY.

4.) Charles in Charge. Where were their parents?! Charles was in charge 24/7. Um, that was the house to be in.

5.) Silver Spoons. Ricky Shroeder has SUCH a fabulous setup: train in his house?! arcade games?! Hello?!

Other sitcoms that I would NOT have wanted to live on:

1.) Family Ties. Mallory kind of annoyed me. Jennifer wasn't cool either. Alex P. Keaton was the only thing cool about the family. (In a very 80's/I ♥ President Reagan way.)

2.) Growing Pains. Again, I'm not sure I could handle that dynamic. Mike Seever got way too much attention; Carol didn't. Then that Crissy and Leonardo di Caprio moved in and stole even more of her attention. Pass.

3.) Full House. OMG. Can you IMAGINE? Sharing a room with DJ and Stephanie would have been a NIGHTmare. Then living next door to Kimmy Gibler would have been, and I underscore, the pits. Then those Olson twins. Oh no. OH NO.

4. Mama's Family. Horrendous. Absolutely horrendous. Everyone on that show was ridiculous.

5.) ALF. I couldn't stand that show. Or my sister's two ALF dolls. That talked. Blech. An alien living with a family? Um, let's just say that Harry and the Hendersons was more believable. (And a fine family film, at that.)

That's all.


  1. i fully agree with your conclusions. one question i always had was about Clif's medical office. He always came home from work right by the banister that Rudy shimmied down. Was his office down there? Or, was he coming up from the underground garage? hmmm....
    i totally wanted that family.

  2. Agreed, agreed! This was my FAVORITE! There really aren't sitcoms like these anymore. And I do believe the office was downstairs. I didn't realize this until years later when I watching a rerun...

  3. I agree to all of this, but...

    I also loved Webster...and Just the 10 of us. I always thought it would be so much fun growing up with all of those sisters.

  4. I LOVED each of these shows. A few years ago I became re-obsessed with the Huxtables. It was fun watching it with adult eyes. I'm so stealing some of their parenting techniques. My personal favorite. . . Theo living on his own in the house and wasn't Rudy the landlord? Where did those writers go?

  5. Running Chatter - I could talk "favorite Cosby show episodes" for DAYS. YES, I loved the Theo renting/Rudy his landlord one, too. It was awesome.

    I also have a soft spot in my heart for Peter, Rudy's childhood friend. (Kenny made me laugh, too.)

    And do you remember Vanessa's nerdy childhood boyfriend, Robert?

    I even liked the newer episodes with cousin Pam, with Theo in college at NYC and with Denise married to Martin. Olivia didn't even bother me.

    Oh gosh! I even remember Sondra and Elvin's twins: Winnie and Nelson.

    Ah, memory lane...

    And for the record, I sort of loved, "A Different World", too. (Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert.)

  6. Don't forget Theo's friend, Cockroach. . . he was a blast. Or when Rudy's "woman day", or Clair's hot flashes. Or when Denise forgot to schedule the house on the base for the fam and was afraid to tell Martin. I really liked Olivia. Robert needed to shave.

    (Okay, I'll stop now)

  7. and this is why i will NEVER stop reading :)

  8. I totally agree too, The Cosby Show rocked! I also agree that I could talk great espisodes for days. One of my personal favorites was when Rudy and Peter tried out the juicer. Never a bad season with the Cosby's.

    I liked A Different World too. What about Family Matters?


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