Facebook Relationships

8/25/2010 04:08:00 AM

So when a "friend's" facebook relationship status changes from "in a relationship" to "single" or even more uncomfortably from, "engaged" or "married" to "single" it really appropriate to leave a comment?

I've seen people "like" or thumbs up these relationship status changes.

I find that weird. Well, unless of course you don't like the ex. That would make more sense.

Oh and another thing... you know those married couples who share a facebook account [insert giant eye roll...]?


First off, I'm always confused by married couples' ambiguous status updates. WHO IS WRITING THIS? And, if I went to high school with you and don't know your wife, WHY WOULD I WANT TO READ HER STATUS UPDATE?

And, the bigger question: what happens when/if the married couple separates or divorces?

First they have to figure out who gets the house, the dog, child custody... and most importantly WHO GETS THE FACEBOOK account?

I mean, really.

Lesson: Don't thumbs up people's relationship status changes OR write ridiculous comments like, "OMG. What happened?" or "I totally saw that coming"or, "He was such a liar, anyway." That, my friends will come back to bite you.

And all of you who SHARE a facebook account. Come on. Separate. It's just weird. Be your own person.



  1. I think I heard a stat about Facebook being cited in 1 in 5 divorces. Now that is crazy.

  2. How cute is this observation of yours today....I will definitely not use facebook to announce my relationship status!!!! I suggest that everyone should have a subscription to the Toledo Blade..because it will be front page news!! LOL

  3. I just "LIKED" this post, just because. :)

    One of my pet peeves is married couples sharing a Facebook account. It's WEIRD. And what if she is commenting but it says "HE says" b/c they've picked the opposite gender to be? It's just creepy.

  4. Ha! Good one. Our ex-realtor "shared" her Facebook with her husband. What's stupid is when she married her husband (I believe he is maybe her third?) she suddenly added his name. She hyphenated the account to "Sally-Bob Fakename." It was annoying AND, HE was never on FB, it was only her!

    Have you seen Really funny stuff.

  5. You know, you could just avoid Facebook all together ;-)

    I got rid of it a while ago, and even living away from where I grew up... I could not be more happier!

  6. You made me laugh. I couldn't agree more, sharing fb account?? NO BUENO.

  7. sharing facebook....i don't get it. but i'd like to hear some arguments from their side, if there is anyone out there who would care to share.

    also, since i'm still single and don't have that listed on my page, i probably wouldn't change my status until i'm married. until then it just seems like potential drama. although my last boyfriend argued about this topic with me. he thought me not putting "in a relationship" was somewhat hurtful and maybe reflected my disinterest in him? huh!!?? not true.


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