Produce Report: 18 weeks

(This has got to be the grossest looking produce comparrison, if you ask me.)

18 weeks! 18 weeks! I'm two weeks from being "halfway there"! WAH-who!

The baby is apparently hiccuping and moving all about at this point. So cool.

Q. How am I feeling?
A. Me and pregnancy fit together pretty well. I'm feeling pretty fine. Fine as wine? No, not really. Since there's no wine currently involved...

Q. Am I getting BIGGER?
A. Why yes! I am! I am measuring the same as what I was when I was 22 weeks pregnant. (Reminder: I am EIGHTEEN weeks along.) So yes, dear friends, I just proved the theory: you DO show a LOT sooner with your second pregnancy.

Q. Are you ok with showing sooner?

A. YES! Last time it took FOREVER to show which made everyone just wonder if I was, and I quote, "getting fat." I still remember my favorite comment: "Oh... you're pregnant? I was wondering why you were getting so fat. I mean you were really starting to look fat." (From a co-worker. Awesome. AWESOME.)

Q. How do you feel... emotionally?
A.GOOD. STABLE. I'm in a good place. As recently as a couple of weeks ago the whole idea that I would be the mommy to ANOTHER human being was just... well, a lot. It's a reality that is happening a bit sooner than I could have ever dreamed of. The idea that Lila wouldn't be my one and only has been daunting. And, the idea that we are having these two bebes so close together has taken some time to get used to, as well.

But now? I'm ready. (As I can be.)

I'm excited.

BRING IT ON, sweet, wittle baby.

Q. Am I excited to know the gender?
A. YES. And, I'm actually READY to know. I absolutely was NOT ready to know on our last visit. It took me some time to get my bearings regarding having a baby boy OR a baby girl. Now? I'm ready. I'm ready to find out what it is. I'm ready to begin planning. I'm ready to begin calling him by his name. Or if it's a girl, I'm ready to buckle down and figure out a name.

(We've had our baby boy's name since before Lila was born.)

We found out TOMORROW at 5 p.m. (Hopefully the legs are uncrossed this time...)

Q. Do Ferg and Lila know that I'm pregnant?

A. I don't think so. Ferg ABSOLUTELY knew with Lila. She wouldn't leave my side. I'm not so sure that she's caught on this time.

Q. Have I been feeling the baby move?
A. I type this with such a smile on my face: YES! I'm feeling very subtle flutters. And I love it. I love knowing that there is a little living human being within me. Incredibly cool.

Q. How is C. feeling about the birth of Baby 2011?
A. I just asked him, this is what he said:

"I'm excited."

(I love him.)

Ok, and that's it!
Here's me... looking all fancy in my watching-the-emmy's outfit.

Stay tuned for the gender announcement tomorrow! WAHHHHH-who!




  1. You look great and that produce report IS scary. It appears to have hair? Yuck.

  2. 18 WEEKS!! Crazy!

    I am very glad to hear you are in a good place. It all works out when it is suppose to :)

    I can't wait to hear the gender!!

    I think you look amazing

    (Seriously, is that a yam? You think they could clean it up a bit! Blech)

  3. You're looking adorable my friend!

  4. WHAT IS THAT PIECE OF PRODUCE? I am so excited for the announcement!!!!


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