No thank you.
I prefer to not accept that "compliment".

8/04/2010 03:50:00 PM

I wore this dress to work today. (Which I see is $25.91 cheaper than what I paid for it approximately 4 weeks ago. Hmph.)

Nothing fancy. Long. Cotton. Comfortable

Someone at work said to me, "Oh! You look nice today!"

(I try to look presentable every day. But Ok...)

Then she went on to say, "... And it makes you look thin."


Oh no.

Have the weight comments started?



Because usually horizontal stripes do NOT make you look thin. (It seems I forgot this valid point when buying the dress.) And usually people only tell you that you look thin because you usually look the opposite of thin.

Was that a thinly-veiled compliment?


I can't wait to get out of the, "is-she-chubby-or-is-she-pregnant" phase.

The Pregnant Lady who doesn't wish to discuss the status of her expanding body with random people at work


  1. Really, what is WITH people?! I'm sure you look perfectly fine in your dress!

    I got a similar stupid comment this week too - someone said, "You look professional today!" Um, thanks? Because I attempt to look professional every day when I dress myself for work!

  2. i happen to like that dress..

  3. I have that dress in gray and white!

  4. First of all, what a bummer about the price change!!

    I like the dress! Every long dress I own is worn because I want to be comfortable and look nice. Some people just spew out compliments without really thinking first. Don't let it get to you :)

  5. i hate that awkward middle phase. and people should just shut up already– it is never going to be ok for you to comment on a woman's weight. ever. just STOP.

  6. Just wear a shirt that says "I'm gaining weight for the baby in my stomach" I bet the comments will stop.



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