My T.V. Roundup.

8/18/2010 04:08:00 AM
Mad Men. (AMC)
I'll admit it. Since day one I've loved Don Draper. Is he a philanderer? Sure. Is he sort of a fraud? I suppose. Is he the 60's answer to the 90's Rico Suave? Absolutely. I love that in this season we're allowed more than a glimpse into the flawed humanity that is Dick Whitman. Love, love, love it. And, I for one am quite pleased to see less and less of January Jones (Betty Draper.) She pains me. I could go on and on, but I'm attempting to keep it short and sweet.

Bottom line: BEST drama on TV. Hands down.

Flipping Out. (Bravo)

I may be a smidgen embarrassed to admit it, but I enjoy Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out. (I may or may not even follow him and his assistant/friend Jenni on Twitter.) I couldn't believe my good fortune that the show came back on the air - what with Jeff's falling out with his ex-best friend and all. But I'm serious: he cracks me up. The whole "cast" cracks me up. I'm so pleased it's back.

Bottom line: Be thankful he's not your boss. Just laugh and watch the show.

Project Runway (Lifetime)

Alright, this season has been interesting for sure. I definitely can't stand Gretchen. Yeah, her clothes are cool. But no, she's not cool. She's narcissistic. And her bangs/bowl cut/mullet thing kill me. (Note, I've had all of those styles in years past. However, at different intervals.) Do I have a favorite yet? No. At this point I think it's a bit too early...

P.S. I think it's who-larious and so curious that the spin-off, "Models of the Runway" wasn't picked up for this season. (Shocker.) And for the record, I am watching the show following with Santino and Austin Scarlet.

Bottom line: Watch the show. Fashion's fun.


  1. Valerie Mayen on Project Runway actually went to my church a few years ago and we were in a small group together. She's super sweet. I love that show, so I'm super excited to "know" someone on there!

    That Gretchen mullet hair KILLS me every time they show her. Wow.

  2. I also have the guilty pleasure that is Flipping out!

  3. I very much enjoyed your round-up. :) However, I'm sad that I don't watch ANY of these shows. I really, really want to watch Mad Men, but what are we, like, 11 seasons in at this point? I'm probably just going to wait until the series ends and snag them from Netflix. Sigh. It sounds fabulous.

    (Also: I have practically stopped watching TV altogether. Is that not a TRAVESTY? I have no time. Ugh.)

    (My word verification is "oreallye." Yes, reallye. Ha.)

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  5. Gretchen is annoying, Casanova should be kicked off.


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