My dream for all of humankind:
That everyone can meet their Craig.
Happy Birthday C.!

8/23/2010 04:09:00 AM

If necessary, I would tattoo my love for you on my forehead, dear husband.

Here's why:

You're great. You're kind. Your thoughtful. You're intelligent. You're hot. You're funny. You're sooo many things to me, but mostly you're my everything.

The Ferginator, Lila Ross, Baby 2011 and I love you far more than we could ever express, even on this silly little blog. (Seriously, even our unborn child loves you a ton already. Smart kid.)

You juggle your roles well and you excel at all of them.
As a Daddy? You're incredible.
As a friend? You're the best.
As a husband? Well, in all honesty - I wish everyone could have their own Craig.

I love you. Of all of the people that were ever born, I am most happy you were.

Love you. Happy, happy Birthday, my C.




  1. Happy Birthday, Craig!

    Here's to an awesome day, filled with as much of the Discovery and History channels your little heart desires.

  2. Craig picked an awfully good day to be born.

  3. YAY! Happy Birthday Craig! Have an awesome day.

  4. Happy VERY BELATED birthday, Craig!

    Hope it was a great one!


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